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*in partnership with Native. All thoughts expressed are my own. Having clean, healthy hair is something that dudes could be paying a lot more attention to, in my opinion. It’s.

*in partnership with Capital One Shopping 12/3/2020 Now obviously, this is one of the more unique holiday seasons in any of our lives. Having to stay home to do my.

*this post is in partnership with Head & Shoulders, but it’s still my honest opinion As my hair has continued to grow during the quarantine, I’ve experienced a plethora of.

*meals provided by Catered Fit, but as always, being fully honest about my experience I’m lazy AF in the kitchen. Let’s not sugar coat it. If it weren’t for my.

*this post is with Alive Multivitamins, but as always, if I didn’t love them I wouldn’t be sharing! Let’s talk about, what I would consider, the most important part of the.

Thank you to Find Your Influence for sponsoring this post It’s very common that people don’t really understand what it is that I do. “What’s your real job?” “How do.

*This post is sponsored by Perrier® Carbonated Mineral Water,  but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but sometimes it’s nice to.

As the weather warms up, I like my coffee to cool down. You like what I did there? It’s just science. Hot beverages make me hot, so drinking something cold.

Considering I didn’t start until college, I was a late bloomer to the world of shaving. As my Dad always said, we’re “further evolved from the apes.” Well now that.

Don’t like to read? Go watch my YouTube video tutorial instead! It’s honestly shocking to me how often I meet guys who do absolutely nothing to take care of their.

Raise your hand if you’re attending either a family party or a “Friendsgiving” party. Ok, raising of hands was a bad idea, but you get the point. Most of you.

I’m at the age where it seems like I have a wedding to attend every month. At the risk of offending people, it’s bittersweet. Of course it’s a great opportunity.

A lot of times when I’m talking to guys about fitness their main concern is looking better without their shirt on, which is totally understandable. It’s great to have confidence.

Ever since first being exposed to fitness when I was entering high school, I’ve been a fan. It’s always been a great stress reliever and confidence booster. I’ll be the.

Eating right is the most important thing we can do, but it’s not always easy… Clean eating will have you looking, feeling, sleeping, living better! Obviously I think most of.

Summer is here. While you should’ve been incorporating a solid fitness routine into your lifestyle for awhile now, a lot of us slacked off (me!) and didn’t get into the.

Hair can be a frustrating thing for guys. Some guys have more hair than others. There are tons of different products or treatments out there to help you control frizz or make.

I’m such a fan of the resurgence of classic cocktails over the last few years. Growing up, (ages 21-25, haha) we never really drank booze. It was either beer or.

So you’re FINALLY jumping on the skincare bandwagon, eh? Hopefully it’s something you already pay a bit of attention to, but if not, I’ve got your back…well, your face technically..

To continue the discussion on skincare from my recent post reviewing Oars + Alps line, I’ve decided that it’s time to discuss my nightly routine. If you aren’t already aware,.

Recently I’ve started focusing a LOT more heavily on my skincare routine. Maybe it’s those first signs of aging creeping in and scaring the living hell out of me, haha,.

So obviously fashion is a majorly important part of my life. It’s what I use to express myself, it’s how I relay my mood to the world, but fashion isn’t.

So you say you want to get in shape but consistently find yourself hiding behind the excuse of time, eh? Join the club. Working out is downright annoying sometimes, I know. It takes up a lot of time that could be spent doing more fun or productive things, right? Not anymore! My friend Nathan introduced me to this new 7 Minute Workout app and it’s honestly helped out so much…