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To continue the discussion on skincare from my recent post reviewing Oars + Alps line, I’ve decided that it’s time to discuss my nightly routine. If you aren’t already aware, moisturizing before you go to bed is extremely important. For one, our bodies become very dehydrated while asleep and the added moisture on your face before bed prevents your skin from drying out over night. Also, it’s a great way to ensure that you’re also washing your face before bed, which is important because you don’t want to go to sleep with the grit and grime of your day all over your face. It’ll cause breakouts.

Every night, I use a moisturizer for my full face. Right now I’m rotating between the Lab Series and the Sunday Riley products pictured. They’re really lightweight and comfortable, so I don’t feel gross when trying to sleep. I also use this Kiehl’s eye cream for men under my eyes. It’s a bit heavier, so it keeps that area healthy and refreshed to minimize any bags or wrinkles in that area.

When moisturizing every day and night, it’s pretty easy to go through product quickly, so I’ve also been using this Palm Brush from Artis to apply my moisturizer. It’s crazy soft and spreads the product more evenly. If you’re applying products with your hands, you’re losing some to absorption into your skin. By using this brush, my products last longer and keep me from having to buy more product as regularly.

As soon as you finish washing your face, apply a light layer of moisturizer to the entire face and neck area and then use the eye cream under each eye. It will leave you looking and feeling refreshed when you wake up in the morning and your skin will thank you for it by keeping it’s youthfulness much longer!

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