Calling all guys aspiring to be fashionable!! What’s that? You’re too busy? You hate to shop? You don’t know what to pick out for yourself? Sorry, but your excuses have officially run out thanks to Five Four Clothing!

I totally get that it’s not on the top of every guy’s to-do list to be out shopping on the weekend or after work. It’s time consuming, expensive, frustrating, yes, I agree. That’s why Five Four stepped in to save the day. They’re a Los Angeles based company that ships over $100 worth of clothes to your door once a month for only $60 (that’s the price of a decent button up shirt at any major label store). I have a couple of friends who have been members for almost a year and they’ve gone from not having any idea how to dress themselves to being some of my more fashionable, confident friends.

How it works: You sign up on the site and pick from four categories that most closely define your personal preferences. There’s casual (self-explanatory), classic (a slightly more prepped/office professional vibe, wearable at any occasion), Mix (somewhat classic, somewhat casual and somewhat fashion forward) and Forward (a more on-trend box of items that will slightly push the boundary. For the more adventurous type).

Why it’s great: It eliminates your need to shop. The quality of the product is as-good, if not better than most big labels. You’ll have fresh clothes to add to your wardrobe each month, therefore building an awesome wardrobe in just a few months time.

I’m wearing head to toe Five Four in today’s, with this sweet black and white window-pane plaid shirt, a lightweight zip-up jacket and slim cut black jeans (that are crazy soft). It’s a simple outfit but it works so well because the fit and quality of the goods.

Don’t let yourself fall anymore behind, gents. It’s too easy to say no!

Would you consider joining a club like this?? Why or why not??

Thanks for reading!

Stay smiling, my friends!


Scroll for more pictures and click here to go to Five Four’s website to sign up!

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Rebecca Fox(October 30, 2015)

Nice photoshoot. Would you mind telling me which "style profile" you picked?

PYS(November 9, 2015)

Hey, I'm not sure what you mean when you say "style profile". Can you be more specific? Thanks!

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