My Dad taught me years ago that a man’s watch says a lot about him. At the time I thought he sounded like a typical old dude but over the years I’ve definitely understood more and more of what he meant. A watch is an extension of your self. If you’re wearing a big chunky Rolex, I’m going to make an assumption about your personality. Also, if you’re wearing a calculator Timex, I’m going to learn a lot about who you are without even speaking a word. That’s one of my favorite things about watches. One of the signs of a really GREAT watch, for me, is versatility. Having something that works for normal wear during the day but can also transition into something that works well at the office or on a date isn’t easy to find, but it’s the goal. Also, I’m painfully aware that watches can easily break the bank. I’m sure most guys have that certain brand or style of watch that they aspire to one day achieve, but until then, it’s nice to have options that are still going to make you look damned good without requiring a monthly payment.

Thankfully, AIBI is creating stylish, well-functioning watches for very affordable prices. The classic, slim design of this Charles Florida style is elegant yet casual enough to work with a suit or a denim jacket (as shown). Plus, at $150, it’s a steal of a deal for a quality product. Not to mention, if you use promo code “PARKERYS” at checkout, they’ll knock $20 off each purchase. They’re affordable enough to buy multiple different styles, yet sturdy enough to trust they wont fall apart. I’ve been wearing it for a couple of months now and have to admit that it’s becoming one of my go-to watches on a daily basis and the coffee brown leather strap is so sexy to me, haha. If you’re not a watch guy, join the party. You won’t regret it once you do.

AIBI also carries some very sexy women’s watches for that special someone in your life that you “accidentally” forgot to get a holiday gift for, ha.

What are some of your favorite watches?? What type do you wear on a regular basis?

Stay smiling, my friends!


Click here to head over AIBI’s website and don’t forget about the $20 off code “PARKERYS”

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Troy Farlow(January 9, 2016)

Parker - Cool watch. Seems to be an affordable version of a watch that Iove, but can't ever find - and if I did, I wouldn't have $22,000 for anyway - the Bell and Ross Regulateur: Google: Bell & Ross Regulateur... For $150 though, the Charles Florida looks great! And affordable. What is it with everyone in LA and The Alchemist? - Troy

PYS(January 11, 2016)

Hey! Thanks for the reply. I was just recently suggested the book so I picked it up. It was a quick fun read. I'd definitely recommend it.

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