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God help us all!!! It’s been raining for the past two days straight in LA. Floods in the streets, water evverrryyyywwhhheeerrrreeeee!!!! But seriously, it’s rained a shitload in the past 48 hours and is supposed to continue, therefore causing me to experience that same feeling I have every year for these four days of rain, “man, I wish I had some rain boots.”

Thanks to El Niño’s filthy wrath, it seems like the weather is going crazy in a lot of the US as well, so I figured I’d throw together a little list of five of my favorite rain boots. Each suits a different type of dude…

  • The Sneakerhead: Native is a cool company in that they’ve created a series of different styles of shoes that are unlike much of anything else you’ll see on the shelves. The Apollo Rain are no exception, with the Chelsea boot design and speckled paint midsole, they resemble a sneaker while keeping your foot dry as a bone.

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  • The Big Spender: If your wallet is fat, you might as well splurge on something that’s guaranteed to keep you dry and warm. These monsters from Frye Boots are guaranteed to do just that, with a shearling lining and a laceless design, there’s no chance any water is slipping in unless you’re literally “in it up to your knees”.

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  • The Classic Man: Most of us probably were forced to wear duck boots when we went outside in the rain and cold as a kid and I’d also be willing to bet that most of us hated it. I know I did. Yet of course, like all things fashion, they became cool once I got a bit older. These Charlie Duck Boots from Tommy Hilfiger are a simple, classic design that will go great with some denim jeans or chinos and will probably even be excused on a rainy casual Friday or Saturday night out.

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  • The Outdoorsman: When it comes to rain boots, few brands have nailed it quite as well as Hunter. Their classic designs and quality materials create an aesthetic all their own. These Wellington boots have been seen on the feet of British Royalty as well as fashion royalty but are still handmade to beat the elements. They’re available in all sorts of cool designs and colors so if you’re feeling bold, you’ll want to check them out.

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  • The Money-Saver: Another great brand for rain boots and generally comfortable shoes is Tretorn. The simple slip on design is great for running a quick errand in the rain or light snow. They’re lined with a fabric that’s designed to keep warm and soft around your foot for maximized comfort. They’re tough to beat for the price.

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So there you have it! The ultimate guide to buying the rain boots best suited for your personality type. If you’re old enough that your foot has stopped growing, I’d highly recommend investing in a pair and just keeping them in the closet until necessary. Heck, throw them on with your suit on the way to work in the morning and then switch to your cap toes once you’re at your desk, the cuffs of your suit will thank you!

Did I miss any great brands?? Share your thoughts!

Stay smiling, my friends!


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Troy Farlow(January 9, 2016)

Those Hilfiger things over L.L Bean???????? Whatttt?! ;)

PYS(January 11, 2016)

Those are classic as well. I like the Tommy's because they're virtually the same boot for a more affordable price tag. For something that you're only wearing during part of the year, I'd try to save some dough.

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