Easily one of my least favorite parts about ACTUAL cold weather is my coat making me sweat once I get inside my destination. Thankfully here in LA, actual cold weather is a rarity (hence why I moved here!). Isn’t is so annoying, though?? Having to lug around your bulky coat inside a busy bar or store…I hated it growing up in Ohio.

Lately, however, fashion has started to make a turn for the better and focus more attention on function. Materials have been developed and enhanced, designs have become more efficient and technology has been involved so that jackets and coats will allow you to stay comfortable no matter what conditions your dealing with (within reason, I have yet to climb Everest). This nylon hooded jacket I’m wearing today is from Michael Stars Man collection ( I’ve been into all sorts of different coats and jackets over the years, whether a big bubble coat (maybe you saw on my snapchat recently), a tailored overcoat or a Starter jacket, they’ve all treated me very well in their own prospective ways, but also lacked in certain ways too.

The reason I love this Michael Stars jacket so much is because it’s the first I’ve owned where the technical side of things seems to have been considered. The outer layer of nylon is great for wicking away moisture or wind and the inner-lining is fleece, which holds in warmth like nobodies business. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a jacket or coat is hooded but the hood is barely big enough to fit over the crown of your head. This hood is plenty large enough to give you coverage without making you look like a Jedi. Also, it fits slim enough to wear over a sweater and not feel like you have to take it off once you arrive to your destination. Having something that will keep you warm, look great and not force you to carry it around inside is a win in my book.

What are your thoughts on the technical side of fashion??

Stay smiling, my friends!


Click here to check out the Nylon Hooded Snap Front Jacket from Michael Stars Man

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