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One of the most fun things that happens to me is when I’m wearing an outfit and someone comes up to me, interesting in a specific piece I’m wearing and asks where it’s from. Not only is this great because I’m a fashion nerd and I love any and all excuses to talk about clothes, but oftentimes it’s even more fun because I’m wearing a brand that surprises them.

This is often the case when I wear Tommy Bahama. Their classic designs and branding have solidified them in the beachy-casual space, but what I love about them is their ability to transition into borderline high-fashion looks when dressed accordingly. It’s not all just billowy Hawaiian shirts and oversized linen pants (although both of those things are extremely fun to style).

In my first look, I’m wearing a 100% silk black Catalina Camp shirt. It’s insanely comfortable and when I tuck it in just a bit and roll the sleeves, it goes from Floridian Dad to beachy chic almost immediately. I love the way it’s a bit oversized because it adds to the comfort level. I paired it with this gray Vintage Fit Denim of theirs to keep the color scheme on the darker side. Also, these leather sandals are a new thing for me but I’m actually really enjoying them as a more stylish alternative to flip flops (which are on my never ever list). Totally simple look, but with intentional moves like the tuck in and roll of the sleeves and cuffs of the jeans, it takes things to a more fashionable place.

In the next look, I’m rocking this linen Harbor Hoodie which is awesome on it’s own. It’s extremely comfortable and lightweight, but heavy enough to keep you warm on a spring or summer night out. I buttoned it all the way up to keep things a bit more edgy and paired it with some white Vintage Fit Denim. White jeans are absolutely something I’d recommend investing in for spring and summer. These are off-white, which I actually like better. The monochromatic palette is really nice during spring for keeping as cool as possible while also staying really stylish. I finished the look with some tropical sneakers as a pop of color. Again, really simple look but by buttoning up the jacket and cuffing the denim I’m able to spice up the look.

In the final look, I wanted to stay in the spirit of classic Tommy Bahama, so I got this Stripe-Tastic Camp Shirt and paired it with the same off-white Vintage Fit Denim from before. It’s an easy look for spring, allowing the shirt to be the statement piece on top of the off-white denim. I rolled the sleeves a couple of times just to add a bit of my own touch, but otherwise it’s really just two pieces. I was on vacation so I didn’t have any shoes on, but anything from white sneakers, brown boots or a brown casual shoe would work great with this look. I typically like to steer clear of classic pairings with stuff like this so as to avoid looking too Dad-ish, so I’d avoid boat shoes or flip flops.

That’s it! Three looks that are all very different, but all styled with the same classic brand. If you’re looking for some new things to try this spring and summer, I’d highly recommend checking out Tommy Bahama. I’ve been a fan for quite awhile because they have the understanding of how to create classic pieces that are also malleable enough for me to be able to style classically or in a more modern way.

PS because they’re such a classic brand, their sizing run a bit large, so if you want things to be fitted, I’d recommend sizing down.1

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