During fall, shoe choice becomes more important than the rest of the year. It might be hot, but then what if it rains? Maybe it’s cold, and suddenly starts to snow? Regardless of what our crazy weather brings, you need to ready. That’s why boots are the go-to shoe this fall.

I’ve teamed up with Duckfeet Boots to showcase their versatile collection of boots. This lace up pair is called the Fåborg, and they’re perfect for fall. I love this boot for a few reasons…one, the height is tall, which will keep your ankle nice and dry if you step in a puddle. Also, I love the look of cuffing my pants above a high boot. It’s a small move that adds some serious style. Two, the crepe sole is comfortable from the moment you take them out of the box. It grips on just about any surface and looks extremely cool. Three, the versatility of this style of boot. I dressed them in a city casual style today but they could just as easily go with some beat up denim and a flannel for a hike in the woods.

Also, there’s just something about a boot that requires breaking in. It’s like your old baseball glove or your first real leather jacket. By forcing you to put them to the pavement and actually wear them in, you’re customizing them to your foot and your stride. They will eventually start to feel like they were molded specifically to your foot. In essence, because of you breaking them in, they kind of are.

Rocking boots with an otherwise city inspired look is perfect because they automatically add a level of masculinity that you’re not going to get from a dress shoe or a sneaker. There’s a rawness to wearing a shoe that you’re ok with getting scuffed or dirty. It’s freeing to not need to worry about what kind of nastiness you might encounter, knowing you’re well prepared.

I’m all about styling overcoats casually, as well. By layering a lightweight henley and this mid-length coat, I’m warm enough for cooler conditions but also not overheating in the late afternoon and early evening of fall. Combining the grays of the shirt and coat, and then pairing it with some darker denim, you’re immediately ready for whatever type of urban situation you find yourself in.

A look like this works in just about any fall situation, which is perfect. You won’t be underdressed anywhere but a black tie party, and you won’t be overdressed anywhere but the gym.

Dark colors are a win this fall. When in doubt, stick with dark grays, blacks, and dark navy. You’ll immediately up your style game just by going with all dark colors. It’s inexplicable, but it works every time.

Be sure to check out Duckfeet USA. They have several different styles and colors, all of which are perfect for fall and winter. Trust me, getting something that’s high quality and requires you to break them in will create a lifetime relationship. Thankfully, because these are such great quality, they’ll last you a lifetime.

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As always, do it for you, not them!

*this post is in partnership with Duckfeet USA, but as always, if I didn’t love it I wouldn’t be sharing it with you!

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