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Sometimes I’m in a mood to try something new. It’s fun to do because it pushes me out of my comfort zone and I can find out whether or not I’m interested in making a similar style move again. In this case, I got these Two24 by Ariat boots from Zappos and for some reason as soon as I opened the box they were screaming vintage. I’m a strong believer in my first impression, so I went with it.

I have these vintage corduroy pants and this waistcoat, but the thought had never crossed my mind to combine them in an outfit. I tried them on together with the boots and was transported to the 1920’s in NYC building a skyscraper – it made me feel like a real man.

The suede on these boots is like butter, too. These are way nicer than what they would’ve been wearing back then, but the vibe was there so I ran with it. Leaning into a feeling when it comes to your style is everything. It’s the way you’ll set yourself apart because the feeling that you have is likely going to be unique.

Two24 by Ariat makes ridiculously high quality stuff. These are the type of boots that would work with anything from a vintage look like this – to raw denim and a flannel – to slim chinos and a button front shirt at the office. Versatility is important when you’re spending good money on something. It’s so nice that Zappos tells you exactly how the sizing will fit and how popular the boots have been.

A simple white tee with a waistcoat, a newsboy cap, and a necklace. It’s not rocket science, but it’s way more interesting than just a plain white tee on its own. Plus, when the weather is in that in-between stage of early fall, this is a great way to keep yourself a few degrees warmer without overheating in a jacket or a sweater.

So next time you’re standing in your closet considering what to put on, consider just grabbing a single piece and opening your mind as to where that piece takes you. Then go with that. It could lead somewhere really interesting and new for you, or it could lead you towards what you’re most comfortable in. Either way is ok. These boots from Ariat Two24 from Zappos took me somewhere I never expected, and I loved the result.

It’s all about broadening your horizons and trying new things. The sooner you can get comfortable with being uncomfortable, the sooner you’re going to grow!

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