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Every so often, a fashion find happens and you get a refresher on why you love clothes so much to begin with. This happened to me recently when I found these North Face Boots on Zappos. They’re huge, which I love because of the bold statement they make. Not that it gets all that cold in LA, but it’s nice knowing that next time we go up north to go snowboarding, my feet will be toasty and warm, while also being insanely stylish.

Let’s talk about how I styled these boots…

A concept that I’ve discussed on the blog before is the idea of the base layer. Do you see how my jeans and my top match almost perfectly? This is intentional. What this allows me to do is to build around the base of my outfit with other colors but still allow the base to anchor my whole look. It’s a muted layer that lets other pieces be a pop of style or color. It won’t distract from the focal point of the outfit, in this case being the boots.

Take a look at these bad boys. They’re chunky and bold. North Face is such a great brand for outdoor necessities, and when I saw these I had to have them. The detailing is interesting. The color is unique. They’re everything I could need in a winter boot. Thankfully Zappos had them available in their luxury section, because something that looks as good as these just has to be in the luxury section, right?? These will work great with all kinds of different winter looks.

The oversized topcoat is another slightly bolder move, but it works nicely to compliment the boots. The olive green matches nicely with the brown of the base layer as well as the shoes. Its an easy outfit that will work wonders to keep you warm as well as looking great. Invest in some statement boots and a great overcoat if you haven’t already.

This winter outfit is one that will look great for any normal day of errands and if you wanted to dress it up a bit, you could add a button up shirt over the tee and have an additional layer. A scarf would also work really nicely with this look now that I think about it.

Be sure to check out Zappos Luxury section for the North Face Cryos line. These same boots some in all black and there’s some other really great options as well.

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