Happy Holidays everyone! I hope that by now you’re either mentally preparing or already in the full swing of holiday mode. It’s a great time to relax with family, watch some amazing NBA games, and debate the ins and outs of Trump’s first year in office (yippee).

Well you know that for a guy like me, the holidays are just another excuse to get dressed up. Whereas during Thanksgiving I prefer to go casual, during Christmas season I like to go HAM. That’s why I teamed up with the fine folks at Blake McKay, a shoe brand that specializes in creating high quality styles at extremely affordable prices. I’m talking hand made Italian shoes for $150! That’s a crazy good deal. Let’s start with look one, which I put together for you guys who are down to go full on this holiday.

This blue wool suit is a bit heavier than my other suits, so it works wonderfully when the weather is a bit chilly. I’m a big fan of navy blue because it allows you to style all sorts of other great wintery colors in with it. I’d steer clear of black for family dinner. Earth tones like this navy blue are more appropriate during the daytime.

These cap toes are part of Blake McKay’s Italian line. Hand made quality for which you’d normally pay upwards of $500 for just $150! Such a perfect gift idea for yourself or for the man in your life. The style speaks for itself, but I love these as a classic option that will last you a lifetime. Plus, they have a hard bottom so people will know you’re coming. Styling them with the orange and blue socks was a bolder choice, but it still kept things in my range of appropriate color for the look.

I’m not a huge fan of three piece suits, but rather I prefer to mismatch the vest. I think it adds a nice level of contrast to the look. Also, the yellow tie serves as a pop of color in an otherwise pretty muted outfit. If you’re looking to make a statement this holiday, go with a look like this. It’s fun to be the guy who dresses up every year.

For the guy who’s looking to stay a bit more casual but still wants to make his presence felt, a look like this is great. The bluish-gray suit is really nice for winter because it’s a unique color that you’re not going to see most anywhere else. Also, it’s a cooler shade so it fits in nicely with this time of year. I understand that the red bandana isn’t something that everyone will be comfortable wearing, but for me it’s a fun move that adds some great holiday color into the outfit. Just roll it over a couple of times so that there’s still some excess, then tie it relatively snug around your neck and tuck it into your open shirt.

These black double monk strap shoes from Blake McKay were a perfect addition to the look because they’re extremely stylish without being too bold. I also really like the contrasting brown sole because it allows them to be a bit more casual. Something like this could easily be worn with jeans and a casual button up shirt for a great every day type of look. Plus, they still work great with a suit. Versatility is huge for me, as you guys know, so don’t sleep on a shoe like this.

Don’t feel like you need to get too complicated, dudes. This look is ultimately just the suit, a white button up, the bandana, and double monk shoes. I didn’t go too far with it because maintaining that level of casual comfort is always extremely important to me.

Lastly we have a great outfit for New Year’s Eve. I love going classic with the tuxedo for NYE but you know I had to add my own personal casual touch. By ditching a tie or bow tie and leaving a few buttons open on the shirt, I showcase that I’m dressed well on purpose, but also not trying to be taken too seriously. If you’re going to a specific event for New Year’s and know that you’ll be in a formal enough setting to allow for a tux, I say go for it!

These elegant black sneakers from Blake McKay were a perfect way to anchor the casual vibe of this outfit. They’re really low profile, which I love with a suit. Don’t force yourself to go full on Met Gala for NYE. You can absolutely blend casual and formal to create a comfortable look that will look great. Also, even if you live in a cold part of the country, no-show socks make a really fun statement for New Year’s. It’s bold but not too much.

There you have it guys! Three looks for the holiday season. There should be something in there for mostly everyone. Even if you’re not a suit person, I’d still recommend trying to look your best for the holidays. Your family will appreciate the extra effort, even if your Uncle Al has a few words to the contrary (he’s just jealous).

Thank you again to Blake McKay for sponsoring today’s post. I cannot recommend them highly enough. The comfort of their shoes right from the box is remarkable. Plus, at their prices, you can’t afford to pass em up!

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