I’m not sure about you but I find shoe choices during the summer and early fall to be a bit frustrating. I’m not always in the mood for sneakers, I don’t like to wear flip flops, and it’s typically too hot for dress shoes and boots…so what should I do? Thankfully, I became aware of SWIMS, a Norwegian shoe brand that has created a hybrid between a loafer and a rubber galosh. Started by a guy walking around the streets of Manhattan on a rainy day in his grandfather’s hand-me-down galoshes, SWIMS are designed with comfort, functionality, and style in mind. As far as I’m concerned, they’ve nailed all three.

One of the biggest tips I find myself giving to guys asking me questions of where to start or what to look for is versatility. I’m always harping on it here. Something that you can slip on with shorts and a tee, but also wear with a lightweight suit? That’s the definition of summer and fall versatility. Investing in something that is comfortable, looks great, and keeps you looking great is tough to beat.

Let’s go through a few different styles that will work for a ton of different occasions this time of year…

Business Casual

For these looks I’m going to be starting from the ground up because I’m obviously focused on the shoes. For the biz casual option, I went with chinos, a flowy tank top and an unstructured blazer. It’s a great look for wearing to a casual function or someplace that you are concerned with getting a bit chilly. I like the way the loafers are a muted tone but have the blue pop of color. It allows them to stand out without being too in your face. If you don’t already own an unstructured blazer, I’d highly recommend investing in one because it’s also something that’s extremely versatile.

Pool or Beachside

A closed toed option for wearing near the water is awesome for me. There’s a time and place that flip flops can work, and I definitely go through phases, but having something that’s closed toe is more formal without necessarily forcing you to wear a sneaker or something.

By the pool, I paired these grey, white, and orange loafers with a blue and orange bathing suit and a simple henley tee. It’s a comfortable look that’s easy to get in and out of if I decided I want to go for a dip. Having shirts like this henley are great for this time of year because they’re a bit nicer than a basic tee, but not so nice that you’re overdressing for the occasion.

It was a gloomy, windy day at the beach, so I wore my denim jacket. Otherwise, I paired the same loafers with some cozy grey sweatpant shorts and a purple and orange button up to match the orange accents on the shoes. It’s a basic look when you break it down, but the vibe is just dressy enough so you fit in at a bar or restaurant and just casual enough to let you feel extremely comfortable in this relaxed setting.

Street Ready

Even though I’m at the beach, I liked this look because I felt like I could have just as easily been in a downtown setting and fit right in. It’s all about your colors. This all black pair of loafers has a bit of edge, and I love it. They’d work totally fine with a dark suit if you were attending a wedding near the beach.

The white henley tee unbuttoned lets in a bit of breeze while still maintaining a bit more upscale of a look. Anytime you wear black denim, you’re going to look a bit more edgy, so I like that it matches with the edge of the shoes. The distressed knees make things a bit more casual but again, the versatility to be able to wear this to the beach or to a bar in a downtown setting is pretty great.

As usual everybody, versatility is the name of the game. Don’t force yourself to spend an arm and a leg to get all of the right things for every single occasion. Spend your money wisely on things that will allow you to wear them in multiple settings and look great every time.

Be sure to check out Swims for all kinds of great loafer hybrid styles and colors. If you like bright, they’ve got it. If you like classic, they’ve got it!

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*this post is sponsored by SWIMS, but as always, if I didn’t love it myself, I wouldn’t be sharing it with you.

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