I recently got my hands on some denim from Jeansda, a Japanese denim company and I’m really excited to talk to you guys about my experience today. It’s something I’d been wanting to do for a long time.

As I’ve continued to become more involved in the fashion industry, I’ve learned a lot about how different cultures approach fashion differently. Japan, in particular, was always extremely interesting to me. Not only do they create some of the finest garments in the world, but they’re aesthetic is extremely unique.

In the 1950’s as American culture was spreading the names of Marlon Brando and James Dean worldwide, the names weren’t the only thing that traveled. Their style impacted other parts of the world as well. Japan started creating some of the most interesting denim in the world. With inspiration from Americans like Levi Strauss, they perfected their own style. In the 1970’s, they finally created their own denim, which is now widely considered as the best in the world. With different colors of washes (an interesting blue and white mixture seen above), and slight adjustments to classic pieces like the denim trucker jacket, Japan quickly became an extremely sought after market for their denim styles.

Personally, what I love about them is the attention to detail. Take a look at this jacket and notice the buttons, as well as the stitching. What immediately drew my attention was the collar buttons and how I’d never seen another denim jacket with something like this. Jeansda is a relatively newer brand, launching in 2012, but their styles are so interesting that they’ve made a strong name for themselves.

I wish there were a way for you to be able to feel the quality of the denim. It’s somehow structured but still soft. I’ve been wearing this jacket for about a month and the way that it’s broken in during this time excites me for down the road when I can continue to beat this thing up and feel it form to my body.

Another classic denim piece that every guy should have at least one of…the western button front shirt. This one from Jeansda is adorned with pearl snap buttons, so you never have to worry about one coming loose. Also, with a similar wash to the pants, it’s a great piece on it’s own or used for casual layering.

If you’re like me, and you sometimes struggle with looking as masculine as you would like to, grab a shirt like this, style it with a ribbed tank underneath and leave a few buttons undone. Wear it with some boots and you’ll be surprised by how much more manly it makes you feel. I typically also like to size down with a shirt like this because I plan on always wearing it with the sleeves rolled up and I want it to fit pretty snug.

As you progress on your fashion journey, do your best to start taking into consideration where your garments are produced and the story behind them. Don’t always go for the fast fashion option. Getting something that was made with extreme care and thoughtfulness is great because it will last you longer, and it’s going to break in so nicely that it’ll end up being one of your favorite pieces.

Be sure to check out Jeansda if you’re ready to try out some Japanese denim. Their product is really great and an awesome excuse to expose yourself to a new culture. You can DM them on Instagram for interest, or find them at their online store here.

As always guys, do it for you…not them!

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