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As I’ve been saying, spring is right around the corner! That means it’s time to start stocking up on the things that are going to keep up comfortable and looking great in that mid-zone of weather where you’re not sure whether you’ll wake up to a warm or cool day. I’m extremely excited to be partnering with Topman to showcase two looks for you guys today styled completely in their stuff. I wanted to put together one look that I felt was pretty approachable and one look that was a bit more adventurous. That way, whatever your style, there’s something for you to learn and enjoy.

Let’s get right into these looks:

Look 1: Approachable

So I would hope that most of you are comfortable wearing polos. They’re that excellent middle piece that isn’t as formal as a button up but is a definite step up from a tee. This terry cloth polo from Topman is great because it’s a bit out of the ordinary realm of polos, but still isn’t so bold that you’ll push yourself too far out of your comfort zone in it. If you’re willing to edge up the polo look a bit, I’d recommend buttoning all of the buttons. It creates a cleaner vibe that feels more fashionable than casual.

I think that darker colors are often overlooked in the springtime because the weather is warming up so we want the colors we wear to do the same, which is understandable. However, going dark but still casual and comfortable is great because it’s going to set you apart from most other people wearing lighter and brighter colors.

These black stretch jeans from Topman are my new favorite pair of black denim. Plus they’re only $75, which is extremely affordable for the quality. They’re slim, which will work with a ton of different outfits, but they also have a good amount of stretch in the material so they’re extremely comfortable from the very first wear. Black denim isn’t something that a lot of guys seem to own yet, so I’d highly recommend getting yourself a pair because they can be a perfect substitute for dress pants or chinos for a date night or a casual event.

I wore all black sneakers but if you wanted to have a dressier vibe to your look you could throw on some boots or a black dress shoe and look great.

If I told you that I was going to wear a polo and jeans you’d probably picture a bit of a preppy outfit, right? This is a perfect example of how certain categories of pieces don’t have to define your style. Being intentional with how you style pieces can create a vibe that’s a bit more fashion forward and fun as opposed to being too classic and safe. Be willing to try new combinations to see how it can lead to really interesting outfits.

Look 2: Adventurous

In the next look I wanted to showcase something that’s a bit more fashion forward but also still pretty basic when you break it down. These light wash distressed jeans from Topman are extremely on-trend right now because of the cropped, straight leg fit. They have some 90’s vintage vibes which I’m loving and I wanted to embrace that when I chose the rest of my look. If you’re not comfortable wearing super slim jeans, right now is the perfect time for you because straight leg is in. You can find styles like this all over the place at Topman in lots of different washes and distress levels.

If distressed is something you’re interested in trying, I’d say go for it! I love them with a casual outfit like this but they can also be really cool in contrast with a more formal look. Sometimes I’ll wear jeans like this with a button up and a blazer to offset the formality. Today, I chose the high top white sneakers to fill that gap between my ankle and the hem of the pants. If you find a pair of cropped pants that you love but aren’t that comfortable exposing a bunch of your ankle, fill the area with a sock and a high top sneaker or boot. That way you can show off the shoe as well as the pants.

This purple crewneck sweatshirt from Topman is another one of my newest favorite pieces. It’s also really fitting with the 90’s vibes, so I thought it would work really well with these jeans. A sweatshirt like this is really easily layered over a button up shirt or polo as well, so there’s lot of ways to wear it.

When you break it down, this outfit is just a casual sweatshirt, some distressed jeans, and white sneakers. Super simple. Yet because of the boldness of the individual pieces, it comes together to create a really interesting look. When you’re dressing yourself, think about each piece on it’s own and how it will fit with other things. If bright colors aren’t your thing, consider the distressed jeans with a black or gray sweatshirt. If distressed isn’t your thing, grab some jeans in a lighter wash that don’t have any holes. Understanding that you don’t have to go super complex to create a great outfit is key. Doing things with intention will make you feel your best, which is what it’s all about.

Be sure to check out Topman if you’re in the market for new jeans. They’ve got TONS of fits, colors, and styles. Also, lots of other really great additions to your wardrobe for fashion forward or staple pieces.

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