Up until I started to get more serious with my blogging and learning more and more about the world of fashion, I wasn’t a fan of suits. They’re uncomfortable, they’re too stiff, the times Im wearing them are never fun…that’s what I used to think anyways. It wasn’t until I realized that wearing a suit can actually be really fun that I started to come around on them.

Thus, when Topman and Stylinity hit me up about wearing a Topman suit, I jumped at the opportunity. I wasn’t about to just get a classic color, though. Topman has too many great options for that. I picked this bold yellow slim fit suit. Let’s get into a bit more detail with the rest of the look and how to make it fun…

Obviously a mustard yellow suit is pretty distinct, so I wanted to try some bolder moves with the rest of the look but not so much so as to get messy with my look. I found this white shirt with the black detailing from Topman as well as this faux Zebra skin belt. It’s totally cool to go with accessories that add a bit of detail, but I would avoid heavy patterns like floral or paisley because it’s going to start getting messy, which isn’t fun. The small details grab attention but don’t steal all of it, which makes it a lot of fun.

In terms of fit, I like my suits snug in the waist and cropped in the leg. This way they can be styled formally or casually. Typically speaking, if your suit has a bit of extra room in the jacket or the pants, it’s going to be more difficult to wear it casually because it’s just not going to look right. Obviously with something this bold, you want to leave your options open because you’re probably not going to wearing it to your most formal events, so slim and cropped are the way to go.

A black shoe with a white sole, a white sneaker, a black sneaker, these will all work great in terms of your shoe choice. Something that meshes well with the rest of how you styled the outfit. Overall it’s a fun look that’s bold but still wearable to a fun event where you want to grab some attention. By paying attention to the small details like the fit of your suit, and the added details within your shirt and accessories, you’ll stand out in all of the right ways.

Thank you again to Topman and Stylinity for sponsoring this post. You can shop all of the pieces by clicking here. Even if you’re not into something bold, I would highly recommend checking out Topman for their affordability, quality, and wide variety of options.

If you want to see me get more into detail on all of this, check out the YouTube video I made here.

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