As the weather warms up, I like my coffee to cool down. You like what I did there? It’s just science. Hot beverages make me hot, so drinking something cold will at least stabilize my temperature if not cool me down altogether. This is no problem except when it comes to my morning (and afternoon) coffee. There’s no way I’d be willing to sacrifice it every day because I’m pretty positive that I would cease to exist without it. This presents an issue because 1) it’s too expensive and annoying to walk down to the coffee shop every day and buy an iced coffee, 2) brewing hot coffee and pouring it over ice just doesn’t taste right, and 3) actually having the foresight to steep cold brew coffee for 24 hours is so far out of my inclinations that it might as well not even exist.

Cue Cuisinart’s at-home Cold Brew Coffeemaker. Yep. You read that right. It brews cold brew right on your countertop in 30 minutes. No more waiting 24 hours. No more pouring hot coffee over ice and watering it down. It’s beautiful!

All you have to do is scoop some coffee grounds into the machine, add water, and hit brew. There’s even an intensity setting so if you like it to be insanely strong like the rest of us caffeine addicts you can. It takes about 30 minutes, so what I like to do is set everything up in the morning, take my dogs for a walk and by the time I get back it’s ready to go. I pour it over ice so that it stays nice and cold but you could realistically just drink it without any, it’s already cold.

Technology is so great sometimes.

Did you know that the average American spends $1,100 on coffee per year? That’s like 10 new pairs of shoes! Do yourself a favor and stop wasting your money at the coffee shop. Start making cold brew at home. It’s delicious, it’s easy, and it’s HIGHLY effective. I drank a big glass right before writing this and I’m forcing myself not to write 10,000 words. If you need an afternoon pick-me-up, brew a cup at lunch and enjoy it after you eat your meal. It’s a no-brainer.

If you want to get one for yourself or for the coffee-addict in your life. Check them out here.

Thank you to Cuisinart and Find Your Influence for sponsoring this blog post and for the amazing new coffee machine. My productivity appreciates it more than you know!

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Take ‘er easy!


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