Being a guy who always has more on his agenda than will fit into 24 hours, I have to make sure I keep track of my time and commitments. Of course, those who follow me know that I could also sacrifice the functionality over style, but not this time! This watch is exactly what I needed! Every so often there’s a certain something that I start to see pretty recurrently and it really grabs my interest. I am very keen to try out some new hype brands that receive so much attention. Spending more time on Instagram than an average person, I’ve found some brands that I fell in love with. Filippo Loreti watches immediately interested me once I saw them. I was just dying to get one myself to see why is everyone so into these watches on Instagram.

Filippo Loreti is a premium watch brand started by two brothers who were tired of seeing the watch industry gouge customers by marking up prices by 10-40 times their cost. They felt that everyone should have the opportunity to know what it’s like to own a premium watch without having to spend an arm and a leg to get one. As a direct-to-consumer brand, they have no added costs, they can charge exactly what a luxury watch ought to cost, making it possible for everyone to get one.


Originally what drew me in to their watches was the design. The face reminded me of something really classic. It sort of instantly brought me to a cafe in Italy, sipping an espresso watching all of the locals go about their day and wondering what each of them had going on. That may sound crazy, but it’s how my mind works with these things, haha.

Once it arrived, the first thing I noticed aside from the design was the quality of the build. I’m sure you’ve all had a watch that looked nice but wasn’t built with a ton of quality. Maybe it falls apart every time you gesture with your hand or bump something. This Venice Moonphase watch has a weight to it that other affordable brands don’t usually have. It genuinely feels luxurious on your wrist. Whether you’re wearing it with a casual outfit or a tuxedo, it makes you feel classier.

It’s common that people compliment you on your shoes or your clothes, but It’s been blowing my mind how often people are commenting on this watch. I was at the coffee shop the other day and the barista commented on how much he liked it, then causing the guy behind me to also notice it and comment. I was getting showered with compliments to the point that I felt great about myself all because of my watch choice. It came with the brown leather strap as well as the rose gold mesh band, so I can style it with all of my looks and maximize my compliment-intake.

One of my favorite parts of a new watch arriving is getting to experience the unboxing. Different brands value this differently, and thankfully Filippo Loreti and I are on the same page. It arrives beautifully wrapped with lots of additional information to learn all about the history and detail of your specific piece. These types of touches are things that you’d normally only find with much higher end luxury brands. Just another way they’re giving you the full experience of spending 10 to 20 times more than you actually are.

Like I mentioned previously, when you order the Venice Moonphase Rose Gold Mesh you get the mesh strap as well as the brown leather option, therefore allowing you to style it in all kinds of different ways. It can be casually with the leather strap. Even jeans and a t-shirt are instantly improved with this watch. I personally have been enjoying spicing up my dressier outfits with the mesh rose gold banded option. It has a certain shine to it that’s hard to beat, but it’s not overly chunky and heavy like a lot of other metal watches.

Did I mention that these watches have a moonphase function? I love it! It’s not something, you normally see on watches at this price point. The moonphase function is what originally drew me in when I saw the watch on Instagram, but what I didn’t realize until it arrived was the fact that it has a hidden detail. The back of the face is carefully engraved with the Basilica di San Marco, an homage to Venice Italy and the inspiration behind the name of the watch. This is NOT something you see everyday. Attention to detail like this is how you know these guys are true watch connoisseurs. You’ve gotta love a detail that’s only for you as the owner of the watch. It’s not always about being flashy. It’s about instilling confidence in yourself knowing that you have everything covered on the surface as well as behind the scenes.

It’s not often that a singular piece wows me quite as much as this watch has. When you’re able to boost your confidence simply by putting on a certain watch, the brand is doing something right. The versatility, the comfort, the design, and the quality all add up to an amazing watch that I’m going to be excited about wearing for the rest of my life. If you’d asked me before finding Filippo Loreti how much I’d need to spend on a watch to get all of this. I think I would’ve said at least $2,500-$5,000. This watch is $315. As far as I’m concerned you really wouldn’t need another watch ever again. Whatever you need in a watch, Filippo Loreti has you covered.


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