Slowly but surely, summer is poking it’s bright shining head into our days and I’m loving it. Even in LA, where it’s nice most of the year, the feeling of pure joy as the temperatures creep into the mid-80’s is undeniable. No more spray tans, it’s time for the real thing!

Thankfully, another great part about spring turning into summer is getting the chance to do some summer shopping. I partnered with ASOS to show off some of their amazing vacation collection and to remind you guys that it’s totally doable to get some on-trend, really stylish pieces for extremely affordable prices. There’s no need to continue wearing that same pair of swim trunks from three years ago.

Speaking of trunks, let’s start there. I found this pink, teal, black and white striped pair and couldn’t resist. The color scheme is perfect for me because it’s not overly bright but it’s still bold in it’s own right. If you’re not already doing it, start buying shorter shorts dudes. They don’t need to be teeny tiny, but keep them under a 9″ inseam. This pair is only $26!

When it comes to the rest of your look, don’t just reach for the obvious tank top or old tee, consider dressing yourself up a bit more with a collared shirt. This pink and black shirt layered over a tank top works nicely. You could easily pack a pair of jeans and then just swap out your swim trunks for the jeans and be good to go all day! Thinking outside the box with your summer looks is the only way to maximize your style. Otherwise you’ll end up just wearing khaki shorts and a tee every day once it get’s hot. Summer layers, fun patterns, louder colors – these are all great ways to express yourself and be an individual, and ASOS has you covered for all of it!

You can head straight to their swimwear page right here!

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