As the weather is warming up, but still being pretty fickle in LA, I’m finding myself being highly in need of the right type of jacket. Something warm, functional, and stylish that’s also not too warm. I found an amazing company called North & Mark and have partnered with them for today’s post. They’re a luxury outerwear brand that makes extremely functional and stylish jackets. I’m showing off two styles today that I really enjoy and think would be great to incorporate into your style. I’m gonna talk about how I styled each look but also give you some tips on how you could style each type of jacket. Let’s do this…

Howard Stretch Trench Coat

A trench coat is definitely an essential piece for any modern guy. I live in LA, where it rains very little, and I still get a ton of wear out of a trench coat. It’s perfect for those in between days where you want to stay warm but you also need to be a bit dressier than a denim jacket or bomber will allow. This one from North & Mark is totally waterproof and made out of a cotton and nylon blend that stretches like a performance fabric. It’s crazy comfortable and doesn’t feel too tight or stiff, yet it holds it’s shape really nicely.

A trench is great because it can be styled casually with an outfit like mine, or thrown over your suit on a rainy or windy day to keep you looking great once you reach your destination. Considering you can get so much great use out of them, investing in something of quality is a great idea.

I really liked the idea of creating a unified base layer with the yellow and then breaking it up with the jacket over top. The khaki color of the jacket mixes really nicely with the yellow, but a color like this can work really well with just about anything else, even black. If you tend to prefer darker colors they do also have a black option of this same jacket. Subbing in a semi-formal jacket like this where you might otherwise normally just wear something basic and casual can really boost your style. When you’re getting dressed, throw on a comfortable base layer and then instead of reaching for your denim or bomber jacket, grab a trench or a blazer to look even nicer.

Broadway Waterproof Overcoat

A good overcoat is something that I’ve really grown to love in the last few years. Their versatility is awesome, plus they’re an extremely stylish version of a blazer that can be worn in all of the same ways. What’s great about this one from North & Mark is the fact that it’s not quite as heavy as most other overcoats being that it’s made from a blend of cotton and nylon as well as opposed to wool or a heavier cotton. It also has that same stretch as the trench coat so even though it gives off a slightly dressy vibe, it almost feels like you’re wearing a workout jacket. It’s not constricting whatsoever, so you can style it really well in the spring. Whether you’re wearing it over a suit or casually, an overcoat is something that you’ll get a ton of use out of.

When styling a piece that’s white or on the lighter side, my preference is usually to contrast it with darker colors, which is what I did in this look. The darker pink knit polo and patterned trousers created a really fun summery look that balanced nicely with the white jacket. What’s cool about this piece is that you could do all black or do a white shirt with a tie and some trousers for a really cool look as well. I did find that certain outfits made this white coat almost feel like a lab jacket, so beware of dressing too much like a doctor or scientist, unless that’s a vibe you’re going for. Someone on Instagram told me they thought I was giving off some McDreamy vibes in this outfit, which I cannot complain about. The white sneakers balance out the look so there’s some white on top and on bottom. A classic overcoat is tough to mess up, so go wild and have fun with tons of different outfit options in this thing.

Thank you to North & Mark for sponsoring today’s post. The quality of their stuff is unlike anything I’ve worn. It’s a perfect example of something that looks really dressy and nice but feels like it was made for fitness. This is great because it’s not going to cause you to shy away from the stuff when it’s not necessary to be dressed extremely formally. You’ll get more use out of the jackets because of that fact.

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