Considering I didn’t start until college, I was a late bloomer to the world of shaving. As my Dad always said, we’re “further evolved from the apes.” Well now that I’ve grown up, shaving has become a major part of my routine. If I don’t shave every day or two my facial hair actually becomes somewhat noticeable – which is NOT something I ever thought I’d need to be aware of. Thankfully there are services like Dollar Shave 2019’s best beard trimmers Club, a monthly subscription kit that keeps you updated with fresh razors and high quality grooming products.

I’m sure you’ve all been there once before, needing to shave, the blade needed to be changed two shaves ago.  Yet you don’t have any razor replacements because you keep putting it off on your drive home from work. It’s the worst. Then you go ahead and shave, destroying your face and causing annoying breakouts or scarring. Using a trimmer from ShaverGuide instead of a razor can help and makes it less irritating on your skin. If you want to have a nice and trimmed beard you can learn tips on how to take care of your beard and mustache at, did you know changing your razor’s blades should be a regular activity in your life. At least once a week if you’re someone who shaves daily. Dollar Shave Club has taken that into consideration so they provide you with a fresh set of razors every month. This way you can avoid the annoying stop at the convenient store for blades that are way too expensive.

They also include a couple of trial sized products for you to try out like this shave butter, body wash, and wipes. It’s a great way to try new things and get the feel for how well their other products work. I’ve used the shave butter and it worked really well. Left me with a really clean, smooth shave and my skin felt great afterwards. A lot of products dry out my face so it’s always nice to find one that doesn’t. Regardless, you should always moisturize after shaving. It will keep your skin from drying out too much and causing breakouts. If you happen to shave regularly you need  to get a clean shave.

So aside from the ease of delivery, the benefits of receiving the other products, let’s talk about how the thing actually shaves! It’s a 5 blade razor so it works really smoothly. I’m someone who shaves almost daily, so there’s never much there to take off, but it didn’t force me to go back over the same area multiple times like I’ve had to with other razors. Also, it has the single blade on the top side so you can get your sideburns lined up nicely and get those little hairs right under your nose. The 5 blade side is always difficult for that and often leads to cuts.


Since every beard is special, there are no one set of rules that applies to everyone. For year-round care, we’ve compiled her thoughts on shaping shorter, cooler beards and managing longer beards over time, too. Check these Grooming tips on how to make a beard look professional for a working man

“When I look at a face, I look at it as a landscape,” says Karen. “I’m looking at structure. I love to see the top of the cheekbones, and I like everything to be in proportion. I think if you have a very narrow face, a big heavy beard is kind of overpowering, but if you have a wider face, you can do a wider beard. Just keep it in proportion with your bone structure.”

If you’re going to rock a beard, you could consider longer locks, Primitive Outpost has the best beard wax for wild beards. While a close-cropped beard looks just fine with short hair, a longer beard with short hair might not be the best fit for your look. “[Your beard] has to be in proportion to the hair on your head,” says Karen. “I’m one who likes harmony and symmetry. So as long as there’s a balance, I think it works. It’s hard if you have thinning hair and you’re wearing a big heavy beard; I think it’s out of proportion.”

Basically put, Dollar find the perfect trimmer for stubble Shave Club has taken the previously monotonous task of shaving and turned it into something that I actually enjoy. Not only because it makes my skin look and feel so much better, but because I don’t have to worry about making due with an overused razor. Check them out for yourself and give it a shot. If you’re already shaving on a regular basis, you might as well save some time and money while you’re at it!

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