For as long as I can remember, watches have been something I enjoy. The classic digital watch is where I got my start as a kid, then I transitioned into the horribly embarrassing big, bulky faces with fake diamonds in high school. Now I wear something minimal every day and have a few options for when I feel like getting dressy. Till now I’d always relied on the same brands because I’d never taken the time to research and find new ones. Thankfully, I was contact by Watch Gang, a subscription service that will send you a new watch every month. Whether you’re looking to build a serious collection or just trying to expand your options, they’ve got a level for you.

There’s three tiers of membership, the classic level which is $29 and provides you with a watch valued between $50-$150. There’s the Black Membership at $99 (which is what I opted for) that provides you with a watch valued bewteen $150-$500. Plus for the people who are serious about trying to build a highly respectable collection there’s the Platinum Membership for $299 that sends watches valued from $500-$1,500 monthly. It’s an amazing deal to get a really high quality timepiece for much less than buying at full retail.

What’s so great about watches is the added detail they offer to an outfit. They can be a small compliment to an otherwise classy outfit, or they can be a statement piece in a look that’s really casual. The world of watches is vast. There’s a lot to know if you’re trying to become an expert, but if you’re a casual observer who enjoys wearing a watch every day, Watch Gang is perfect. I’m not someone who needs to know every aspect about the dial and hands and mechanisms inside. I prefer something that I know will last and is going to look good.

When you sign up, they ask you for your preferences in styles so you don’t waste time with a watch that you’re never going to wear. As a starter, I would recommend going pretty minimal in style because this is what’s going to work with the most types of outfits. You don’t want something so big and gaudy that it grabs attention as your first watch because it’s going to look weird with casual outfits. A slim watch works with dressy looks but a bulky watch doesn’t work with casual outfits…you get it.

The watch I received is from german brand, TUW Rhula. It’s a fully automatic watch so I never have to change the battery. It charges itself with the internal mechanism, pretty cool. I like the blue face because it’s noticeable but not overly bold. Also, the silicone strap is extremely comfortable to be worn all day but also looks nice enough that you could wear it in an office setting and be just fine.

Overall, the Watch Gang service is extremely easy and fun because you’re receiving a package every month with an extremely nice watch in it. It’s like having your birthday once a month. I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking to build their collection or wants to give an amazing gift to their SO.

Be sure to check out Watch Gang and if you decide to sign up, use code PARKER10 at checkout for a discount on your order!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! If you’d like to see me unbox my TUW Rhula and style it in a couple of different ways, you can check out the video I made HERE.

As always, do it for you, not them!


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