If you’re reading this while sitting on top of a wallet that’s three inches thick, filled with receipts from the early 2000’s, then you’ve come to the perfect place. The days of carrying everything important to us in our wallets are long gone and thankfully so. There’s an app for just about everything by now, so ditch the excess and join us in 2017! Also, it’s been proven that sitting on a fat wallet can cause back pain. Read all about it here.

Saint Milou is a leather goods company that has designed an ultra slim, ultra chic, ultra fashionable set of card holders that will rest in your back pocket while you sit on them and forget they’re even there. Two card slots on the front and back, and a small opening in the top for a few bills (real men still carry cash…just saying) or receipts (if you must!). I’m giving away two of their wallets through my Instagram page. Check out today’s post for directions on how to enter!

Now that you’re aware of the fact that your old wallet is antiquated and downright harmful, let’s discuss how to make the transition from old you to new you.

First, get rid of anything that can be taken care of with your phone. That means library cards, gym access cards, Starbucks cards, etc. Mostly all of these ought to have an accompanying app that you scan yourself when you’re arriving or paying. I understand that Apple Pay isn’t taken everywhere just yet, so keeping a debit or credit card is fine.

Next, punch cards and gift cards. I realize that getting a free sub at your local deli sounds great, but have the wherewithal to know you’re going to go there and bring the card. Otherwise keep it in your glovebox so you can get your precious punches without having the clutter in your wallet. Also, keep your gift cards at home for when you decide to go shopping. There’s no need to carry that Urban Outfitters gift card with $7.81 left on it.

Lastly, cash. As earlier stated, I think carrying cash is still an essential part of a person’s wardrobe. I try to keep around $10-$20 in small bills on me at all times. It comes in handy for tips and the rare but still existent convenient store that adds an additional charge for using a credit card. Cash can be kept in your pocket. You shouldn’t be carrying so much cash that it creates any sort of wad anyways. You’re not T.I.

By removing all of these extra cards, you’re left with your license/ID, a credit or debit card, and maybe a gym card if you can’t use your phone. That’s all you need! It’ll feel great to downsize and your back will thank you for it if you’re someone who sits on their wallet.

Be sure to check out my Instagram page @parkeryorksmith for a chance to win this card holder and also go check out Saint Milou for other colors and great pieces!

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