A lot of us have certain things that just seem to stick in our brains. Whether it be a new toy, a piece of tech, a watch, a certain pair or shoes, or something else, it just always seems to linger there and never go away, right? For me, that thing was a leather duffle bag. For years I’ve had my eye on different versions from different brands. I’m lucky enough to call myself the owner of this new bag from Buffalo Jackson now, but there’s still something about them that I just love. Maybe it’s the durability and how they shape themselves around how you use them. Perhaps it’s the way it makes me feel like a badass when I’m carrying it at my side. Regardless, a great leather duffle is something that I think every man will appreciate owning. Even if you use it as a gym bag, at least you’ll look damn cool doing it.

Aside from the amazing bag, I also want to talk a bit about embracing roles today. What I mean when I say that is understanding that a certain outfit makes you look a certain way and just rolling with it. For example, the two looks I styled today for you guys are a bit more outdoor inspired than looks I typically put together. Jaclyn even said she thought I looked like a farmer, which made me laugh, not just because that’s kind of what I was going for, but also because the thought of me doing outdoor labor for a living is hilarious (I’m a wimp).

Let’s jump into it so I can get a bit more specific…

Outdoor Man 1

If you find yourself in an interesting mood, or perhaps you’re headed someplace different than where you usually hang out, your wardrobe for the day will most likely be impacted by these facts. If that’s the case, then I say embrace it. This plaid shirt is also from Buffalo Jackson, and as soon as I put it on, I felt manlier. Because it’s summer, when I was deciding how to style it, I felt compelled to pair it with shorts and white sneakers. But…

I decided against that because I was trying to embrace that outdoorsy manliness that I felt when I put the shirt on. I decided to go with brown chino pants and gray boots. Even though it was warm, I felt like I had embraced the entire role of how I felt. I wasn’t shying away from my initial feeling when I put the shirt on and I think it made the whole look better. Don’t feel like you need to dress a certain way because of who you’re going to be around or where you’re headed, just go with how you’re feeling.

Sometimes, this is the best way to discover new things about your own style. I didn’t realize how comfortable I’d actually be in a slightly more outdoor inspired look because it’s not something I would normally wear. Yet now that I’ve tried it, I know I can rock this again sometime and feel great while doing it.

There’s a closer look at that sexy bag. I can’t wait to keep using it and see how broken in I can get it to look. What you’ve gotta remember about a bag like this is that although it may be a bit more expensive than what you would normally buy, it will last you forever and only get better with time.

Outdoor Man 2

Similarly with the first look, as soon as I put this Buffalo Jackon shirt on it made me feel like I needed to be out in the woods getting my hands dirty. That’s why I paired it with some worn-in denim and boots. A look like this works in all sorts of environments. It’s comfortable and functional, so you don’t need to be too worried about getting dirty.

This also fits into the theme of today’s post. I knew that pairing a red and blue plaid shirt with jeans and boots would make me look kind of like a farmer. But I embraced it and went with it rather than trying to avoid it. By embracing my role, it created a cohesive look.

I rarely see it done, but a duffle can absolutely be worn as a backpack. It won’t be quite as comfortable as an actual backpack as it’s not designed this way, but it works if you need your hands free and you don’t feel like using the shoulder strap. Sometimes shoulder straps get annoying for me because I have all of this extra weight on one side of my body. Don’t be afraid to get creative with how you use your things!

That’s it for me today! Don’t forget the lesson of the day, embrace the role. If you look a certain way, it’s not always a bad thing. Some roles to avoid…resort employee, Jehovah’s witness, any uniformed officer…these are all Halloween costumes, not everyday looks, haha.

Be sure to check out Buffalo Jackson for a ton of great apparel as well as bags. Invest in a nice one and you’ll be glad you did.

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