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Summmertiiimmmeeee and the linen is breezy! Whoa, that worked out really nicely!

It’s been hot! I don’t just mean summertime hotness, either. It’s been in the high 80’s and low 90’s, which for LA, is absurd. If you live on the east coast, down south, or in the midwest…basically anywhere else, you’ve been feeling it too. When it starts to get this hot outside, you’ve got to dress accordingly. That’s why you need to invest in some linen. Now sure, you can go to your local fast fashion clothier and score something that will last a wash, maybe two, but I’m talking about investment linen. Handmade garments from Italy.

There’s something about putting on a piece that you know was crafted by one of the most infamous linen fabric mills in the world. It boost your confidence. You feel a bit regal. This is a perfect outfit for a boat party or a fancy summer dinner. Let’s get into it.

Shirt Up, Button Down

If you wear a white shirt to work everyday, then you should be a big fan of light blues, purples, greens, and pinks on the weekend. Express yourself. This light blue with white pearl buttons is classic but also has character. It’s a statement piece all on it’s own because of the classic, billowy fit worn by the likes of Sean Connery and other imposter James Bonds (still got love for you Pierce).

As far as I’m concerned, there should be more buttons undone than buttoned. Unless you’re going to an ultra formal dinner, it shows confidence and a care free attitude when you show a bit of chest. If you’ve got a great mane of chest hair, don’t be shy. Let it free!

In terms of accessories, if you’re wearing blue, you want to compliment everything with brown. Go simple and understated. Let the classic nature of your outfit do the talking, not loud accessories.

Ditch the Jacket

If you look closely, you’ll see that these are seersucker pants. I’m always reminding guys that a suit doesn’t exclusively have to remain as a suit. You’re more than welcome to wear the pants on their own. Especially if you have something in a lightweight cotton or linen, go for it!

Simple brown loafers continue the classic aesthetic. They’re full of personality without being too in your face.

A lot of people opt to untuck their linen shirt, which is great if you’re sipping margaritas on the dock, but when you’re headed to dinner, tuck it in and roll the sleeves a couple of times. This will give the vibe that you’ve just come from an important meeting and are now ready to unwind with friends or family.

Be sure to check out Scarci Resort Wear for some of the most upscale linen you’ll find anywhere. After all, it’s worth investing in the best quality pieces when you know they’ll absolutely never go out of style.

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