Wearing jeans in the summer can be annoying. It’s no fun to get too sweaty, the way they fit has to be just right because too skinny isn’t comfortable and too baggy isn’t either. That’s why I’ve become such a fan of stretch denim. These pants and shorts are from Christiano Ronaldo’s new line, CR7 Limitless. As an athlete, you can tell Ronaldo recognizes how nice it is to have extremely soft, comfortable clothes. Up till now, a lot of times you’d either have to sacrifice comfort for style or vice versa. But now, the stretch denim trend has caught on and CR7 is absolutely killing it with their designs.

I styled two very doable summer looks with my CR7, so let’s run through them.

Denim on Denim

Mix Your Denims

It’s hard to tell, but this is a denim shirt. It’s extremely light wash and fits pretty wonderfully. A shirt like this is perfect for summertime because you can wear it just about anywhere. As soon as we finished with these photos, Jaclyn and I went to dinner and I felt totally at home in this look. It was also totally comfortable while I was flying through the air in the top shot. By mixing a lighter color with the darker jeans, it gives things a summer vibe that’s stylish and comfortable.

Boot Up

I’ve been saying this, but boots work well in the summertime. These Chelseas are really soft and honestly make me feel like a badass when I wear them. The slim leg of the jean fit over the top of the boot really nicely and created a smooth aesthetic. Stretch jeans work great with boots or hi-top sneakers because they’ll fit snug around your ankle really nicely.

Summer Shorts

Denim shorts are a new love of mine, but these are so light and comfortable that it makes me wish I’d had them for years. If you’re not sure about whether you can pull of denim shorts, when you try to find some, look for something slim and cuffed. Combine it with a long sleeve shirt with the sleeves pushed or rolled up and you’ll look great!

Bold Feet

In a look that’s basic, it’s always fun to contrast with a pair of brightly colored sneakers. These are extremely comfortable and go along with the stretchy factor of the shorts. If I wanted to, I could easily jump into an outdoor activity with this look.

Don’t forget that summer is about relaxation! Enjoy yourself, be prepared for whatever comes your way, but ultimately do whatever you’re doing comfortably. I’m such a sucker for comfort. If it’s possible to look good while also feeling like I’m as cozy as can be, sign me up!

Be sure to check out CR7 Limitless Denim if you are in the market for some stretchy jeans. I hope these stylings are helpful and something you could see yourself in.

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