Why hello! It’s summertime and for me that means accessories. With summer fashion being mainly pretty basic, I like to spice things up with fun surrounding pieces. One of THE most fun surrounding pieces for me are sunglasses. The tough part about shades is that not every style works for everyone. It’s about knowing your face shape as well as what is most comfortable for you. That’s why I teamed up with Marsquest, a Canadian based sunglasses brand that creates super high quality product for a lot less than some of the other brands out there. I wanted to show off a few pairs of their fine shades and help you figure out which style might work for you and also how to embrace one of the biggest trends this summer. Shall we begin?

First off, you need to know your face shape. Not all frames work with all face shapes.

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By determining which face shape you have, you can ensure that you’ll be getting the best pair for yourself. Personally, I like just about every shape but a classic square frame and aviator frame are what I’m showcasing today. In my experience, those are you two most bankable shapes for the widest array of faces.

I’ll be breaking this up into classic and fashion forward, so we’ll start with the classic.

 Black Gravity Frames

If you’re in the market for an everyday pair of frames that you plan on getting a lot of wear out of, I’d recommend something classic like these black Gravity frames. They’re a slight bit different than the classic wayfarer style, but still extremely reliable to go with most anything you’re wearing. I like these because they’re a bit more sturdy than an aviator, simply because the pieces are thicker and therefore have less chance of breaking.

These are for you if…you tend to dress a bit more formally or classically. Even in jeans and a button up shirt, if you consider your style to be inspired by classic men like James Dean, this frame is best.

Everything Marsquest sells is polarized, which if you don’t know what that means, it’s a stronger protection against reflective UV rays as well as an improvement in the colors you see while wearing the glasses.

Black Force Frames

Similarly to the Gravity frames, I wanted to get another shape in a classic color so I had something reliable and wearable year-round. An aviator frame is inspired by the classic designs that figther pilots wore in World War II (hence the camo tee). They’re extremely classic, especially in an all black or gold frame with green, brown, or black lenses.

These are for you if…you tend to be classic but also a bit more laid back in your style. If slim jeans and a basic tee is your go-to, aviators are a great way to stay stylish, get excellent UV protection, and have something that’s lightweight and won’t be too heavy on your face.

Gold and Rose Force Frames

Now we’ll flip to the fashion forward section. If you’re looking for a pair of shades for summer, look no further than something with a colored mirrored lens. It’s a hugely popular trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. This pair is great for summertime as they make a statement but also provide excellent protection from the sun.

These are for you if…you like to fully embrace summer fashion. If you’re the person who wears bright, bold colors, get yourself something that will match that aesthetic. They also offer a lot of other colors as well, if rose isn’t your thing. I love these as their own statement piece in combination with some jeans and a white tee.

Clear Gravity Frames

Similarly to the bold colored mirrored lenses, clear frames have also become an extremely popular trend in eyewear over the last year or two. The great thing about this pair is that they blend classic and fashion forward extremely well together. You get the best of both worlds.

These are for you if…you want something reliable for summer but also are interested in pushing the boundaries a bit. If you tend to switch your style up pretty regularly, it’s great to have something versatile. These work great with a simple casual look but would also fit right into a heavily streetwear inspired look as well.

That’s all I have for you guys today. I hope you enjoyed and maybe even learned a thing or two. Be sure to check out Marsquest for a ton of great sunglass options, from classic to fashion forward. I’d love to see how you style yours. Tag me on social media @parkeryorksmith or email me at parker@thelooksmith.com!

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