One of, if not THE most essential accessory during the summertime are sunglasses. They protect your eyes, they keep you from getting headaches from squinting too much, and if you score the right pair, they look damn good! I’m a bit of a sunglasses whore, admittedly, so I love to have options. I think that sunglasses ought to match in the same way that your belt and shoes ought to match. If you’re wearing an outfit that favors black, you should wear black sunglasses. If you’re wearing an outfit that favors earth tones, wear brown sunglasses.

I’ve teamed up with WearMePro, a sunglasses subscription box service that will send you three new pairs of shades every season for $30, to showcase a box. It’s awesome, you go onto their site and set up a profile for yourself where they get to know you and your personal style a bit. If you’re like me, you’ll want something classic. If you’re more into pushing the envelope, they also offer some edgier styles. You also get to select what type of frame shape you’re into, which is great. I decided that I want to share some of my recommendations with you guys, so you’re totally sure of what to get for yourself.

As I said before, I went with the MODERN style because I wanted something that was clean and simple. It’s definitely fun to make a statement with sunglasses on occasion, but for the most part I tend to prefer something that allows me to style my outfit in a simple, casual way. I also didn’t want anything mirrored, as I’m starting to get a bit tired of that trend.

As you can see, with a black tee shirt I went with a solid black frame. It’s not a hardcore rule, but definitely something that will make you look a bit more cohesive than if you wear brown glasses with a black shirt.

There’s something about the Clubmaster style of shade that really resonates with me. It works with a casual outfit or a formal look, they’re lightweight, and the part metal, part plastic frame is totally classic. WearMePro does a great job of providing you with a variety of styles so you can get a lot of wear out of all of them. They won’t be too similar to one another to where you’ll feel like it’s a waste of space in your drawer.

Again, as you can see, the brown frame works nicely with the green and yellow. A black pair would resemble Steelers colors, which is a major no-no for me, haha!

Be sure to check out WearMePro and save some money on getting quality sunglasses for all year. Even if you want to try something a bit bolder than you’re accustomed to, $30 every 3 months isn’t bad at all!

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