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Wearing a jacket is one of my favorite pastimes. I realize that might sound a little crazy, but there’s just something about it that I genuinely love. Perhaps it’s the feeling of being embraced. Maybe it’s the fact that it also comes with a state of weather that’s a bit cooler and more comfortable. Maybe it’s that they’re really stylish and fun to wear.

In today’s case, it’s all three! I just got this Active Jacket from lululemon and I can confidently say that it’s my new favorite jacket.

My two favorite things about a jacket like this are the unique colors and the lightweight design. Technically speaking, it’s called the Active Jacket, so it could definitely be worn on a run or on a mildly cold day. For me it’s just extremely stylish and easy to wear. Regardless of the weather, it will help keep you warm, dry, and comfortable.

Having a go-to jacket that isn’t denim, leather, or a bomber style is smart. Sometimes those options are too formal. It’s so nice to have an option for when you’re feeling adventurous and you wanna get out in nature.

When I’m running errands or going to lunch sometimes I want to be extremely casual. One big problem that I see from a lot of guys is that extremely casual = sloppy. A slim fitting, stylish jacket like this is every bit as comfortable as something sloppy, except it looks so much better. It’s time to get rid of old clothes that are gross and replace them with higher quality, better fitting stuff that is equally as casual.

I’m also wearing some slim fit ABC pants from lululemon. They’re a nice compliment to the jacket because they’re a dark grey color and let the orange and red tones of the jacket stand out. I wouldn’t recommend going with something equally as bright or unique because you’re going to end up looking too colorful. Breaking up a look with a brighter color up top and a darker color on the bottom is a smarter move.

If you’re the type of person who tends to skew more towards athletic outfits, a jacket like this could also work really well with jeans and a tee. The versatility of it is excellent. Having something you can wear on a run, to the gym, on a Saturday afternoon, or on the golf course is tough to beat.

Join me in my love for jackets. Especially ones that are stylish, comfortable, versatile, and functional. There’s not much more you could ask for out of a piece of outerwear.

If this color is too much for you, there are some more solid options of the Active Jacket from lululemon as well. Go get yourself one and then you’ll understand why it’s such an amazing piece.

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