I’ve been chomping at the bit for the temperature in LA to drop below 80 degrees so I can make any excuse for myself to wear a sweater. I partnered with Bellfield Clothing, a European brand that makes tons of really excellent pieces for really affordable prices. Their styles are fashion forward, extremely comfortable, and something that I’ll be going back to check in on every season from now on.

Wearing a bold sweater is extremely on trend right now. I’m seeing rappers rocking the newest Gucci releases and setting trends for the rest of us. Boldness is in and I love it! I understand that boldness isn’t necessarily everyone’s strong suit, however, so I’m showing you three options of varying boldness from Bellfield today and discussing how to style each.

Up first, we have the baddest and boldest, this Panthera sweater with tigers printed all over it. This one makes its own statement. It’s a navy base, so I styled it with some slim navy blue cargo chinos and white sneakers. You never want to take away from the awesomeness of a sweater like this, so keep the surrounding pieces of your look somewhat plain and basic (in color, not fit). If you style anything over it for slightly cooler weather, grab a denim jacket or an unstructured blazer. Something that will allow the boldness to peak through.

Next up, a slightly less bold option, but still awesome in its own way, this Loyola Sweatshirt. The cotton-poly blend plays as if it were velvet or velour, but with the added comfort of softer, stretchier fabrics. Also, the merlot color is one of my favorites for this fall season. Whatever you can find in this color, grab it up. It was a moderate day yesterday, so I was wearing this with some chino shorts and this bold purple fedora. Because the sweater is totally solid with no patterns or graphics, I feel comfortable styling other bold things with it. If it had a graphic, I would let the sweater be the main focus and the only bold piece. This is a great piece for layering or to style on its own.

Lastly, something a bit more approachable but still bold in a way. This cable knit Sortie Jumper is what I would recommend to the guy who isn’t necessarily interested in overt boldness or bright colors. It’s 100% cotton, so it’s extremely soft and comfortable on your skin without needing an undershirt. The crewneck will work great over a button up, too. A textured sweater like this is a total classic in menswear. I wore mine with some dark washed denim but you could easily go a bit more formal with trousers and some dress shoes, too. This one will be the most versatile, as well, because it’s not quite as recognizable as the other stuff. That’s one thing you always want to be aware of with boldness, the memorability. People will start to recognize those pieces and you don’t want to become the guy who’s known for always wearing the tiger sweater (or maybe you do, and if so…more power to you!).

Regardless of you willingness to go bold this fall, be sure to check out Bellfield Clothing. They have options for everyone and the fits and quality are really excellent for the price. Sweaters are an under-appreciated piece during fall. They can act as an outer layer or as the focal point of the whole outfit. Get yourself something soft and comfortable, and start to recognize how useful they can be!

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