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I was recently hit up by Casestation, an awesome brand that specializes in mobile accessories. Phone cases, Apple Watch bands, charging cables…pretty much whatever you need to stylize your digital accessory game. I headed to their website to check them out and was instantly intrigued by the idea that they would custom make any of their products with my own photo printed on them. Considering I take about 50 photos a day, whether it be of myself, my food, my dogs, or whatever other randomness that catches my eye, this had me hooked. There are millions of phone cases out there, but as far as I know, none of them are covered in one of my photos.

It was surprisingly difficult to decide what I wanted on my phone case and apple watch straps. It seemed a little crazy to put a picture of myself on it, although I was tempted. Eventually I landed on three watch straps. The watch straps are a black marble that they already had available in their stock photos. I thought this was a sensible option for when I needed to dress up my Apple Watch a bit. Next I found and OLD photo of a sunset that I’d taken and rotated it so that the horizon was laid all the way across the band of the watch (pictured above). It turned out pretty sweet. Lastly, I couldn’t resist putting a close up shot of pizza, my favorite food, on a strap. It’s bright and bold, but if you look closely enough you can decipher what it is. Total conversation starter, which I love.

For the phone case, I was having a lot of trouble finding a picture that I liked. I thought it would be easy, but as I was designing them I would put myself in the shoes of people looking at my case when I was on the phone, and too many of my ideas were embarrassing. Finally I figured, why not a call-to-action? I love meeting and talking with new people, so with a little help from Jaclyn, we decided on my all-time favorite question. Heard any good jokes lately? Although it didn’t really challenge Casestation’s awesome ability to print photos on their products, I’d never seen one like it before. Ever since, I’ve been getting lots of people coming up to me and telling me some of the best (and worst) jokes I’ve ever heard.

Ultimately, if you’re interested in having something totally unique that no one else has, go with Casestation. Their cases make perfect gifts, as well. If you have a great idea that someone in your life would love, surprise them with it during this holiday season. Regardless, it’s awesome to know that there are brands out there who want you to stand out in your own way and allow you to be unique. This is my favorite part about them. They’re only interested in letting you be yourself.

Be sure to check out Casestation and use the code BOO17 for 20% off any order! They have cases for just about every major type of smart phone, so even if you’re rocking Android, they’ve got you covered…literally.

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