One of my favorite things about my job is that I get guys coming up to me digitally or in person and discussing style with me. Sometimes it’s asking for trend tips, other times it’s wondering about certain classic maneuvers and how to incorporate them. Regardless, all questions are welcome. I recently had someone approach me with a question about going bold.

The guy was interested in dressing more boldly for special occasions but wasn’t sure how to accomplish it without looking like he was trying too hard, which can be a very fine line. I recently partnered with Rowing Blazers and because their stuff is so awesomely bold, I thought it would be a perfect way to address this question.

Boldness in fashion is one of the most fun moves you can make. For me, these blazers I styled were perfect because I’m not someone who typically wears a suit or blazer. I’m much more laid back casual in my natural style, so if I’m going to wear a dressier look, it’s fun for me to make it an occasion and dress boldly. This croquet striped blazer is pretty extreme, which I love.

Consider the next time you’re attending an office party or some type of event that allows you to fully express yourself (high school graduation, your own birthday party, a Saturday night…obviously don’t wear this to a wedding, that’s a con move). By going bold, you’re going to change the course of your evening in a positive trajectory. People will get excited by what you’re wearing and feed off of the energy you’re providing with your boldness.

It doesn’t have to be completely ridiculous, either. The rest of my look is pretty basic (aside from the pink shoes, pictured below). It’s a white oxford shirt and some slightly high waisted chino pants. By swapping out the typical boring navy blazer you’d wear with something more non-traditional, it’s an expression of your style and you’re going to enjoy yourself more because of it.

If you’re willing, combine a pair of bold shoes with the look. It’s a great way to add a bit of extra character.

If rainbow striped aren’t your thing, Rowing has lots of other great options too. This navy stripe blazer is a really fun twist on the classic yachtsman blazer. The gold buttons add some excellent detail and further boldness.

Even if you’re someone who typically plays it safe at the office, keep a couple of bolder options in the closet so you can really surprise people on the weekend.

Don’t shy away from going bold just because you think it’s something you can’t get away with. Oftentimes it’s people who you’d never expect to see in something bold that look the best in it. Have you ever seen an elderly man in a really loud suit and been shocked by how amazing he looked? Here’s a perfect example. By pushing yourself into an area that a lot of other guys aren’t willing to go, you’ll set an example and soon enough everyone will be dressing boldly and making bold fashion choices.

Owning a bold option or two is just a smart move when it comes to rounding out your wardrobe. If you’re sick of not feeling unique or wanting to dress a bit differently than everyone else you’re surrounded by, the easiest way to ensure yourself some differentiation is to go bold. Do it with small moves like a blazer, and then surround it with basic pieces to create a perfectly balanced outfit.

Today’s post was sponsored by Rowing Blazers, but as always, if I didn’t love it myself, I wouldn’t be sharing it with you! Be sure to check them out as they have a full run of really great pieces, not just blazers.

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…and never forget…do it for you, not them!

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