Fall season is one of my most exciting times of year for fashion. That’s because it’s cool enough to wear jackets, but not so cold that you need a giant coat. I teamed up with 7 Diamonds to showcase two fall outfits that are totally versatile, really stylish, and pretty easy to pull off! It’s a win for everyone, yayyyyyy!!

Let’s do it!

Light Layers

This tweed bomber is an awesome piece. A lightweight jacket is your best friend this season, dudes. Style it in tons of different ways. It works over a button up, with a tee, or even in a oxford shirt with a knit tie. If you go with a button up, make it something a bit more on the casual side like this one that I’m wearing. Going really dressy can work, but be sure that the rest of your look fits that profile as well.

Ditch Your Denim

These olive chinos are a perfect alternative to jeans. One of the best ways to up your style is to take a slight adjacent step away from what all of your buddies are wearing. Olive colored chinos are a perfect example of this. While everyone else will be wearing dark denim, you can come in switching things up just a bit without drawing too much attention. It’s a great move.


The last step to creating a look that will work all over the place is to add a few accessories. A ring and a watch are enough to set you apart without being too loud or obnoxious.

Similar But Different

For the next look, it’s a very similar outfit design but ultimately very different. The merlot colored jacket sets off an amazing color scheme for fall. Again, it’s different, but not dramatically so. This jacket would work well with any type of look and also keep you dry in the wetter weather of fall.

Earth Tones

The green plaid button up shirt is a perfect casual staple for fall. I’m a huge fan of earth tones this time of year. Darker greens, purples, reds, blues, browns, grays…anything that mimics the world around you. It brings a mood that I love. When you’re shopping for fall stuff, try to find things in these colors and mix and match them.


These are the same chinos from the first look. That’s what’s so great about them. They can be worn in place of denim almost anytime. The slim fit and soft feel make them extremely easy to wear anytime. I would gladly rock these with some basic sneakers and a tee on a warmer day. You need some chinos.

Boom! Two looks, same basic design, chinos, a casual button up shirt, a lightweight jacket, and some boots. It’s practically a fall uniform. I’m a firm believer that there’s no such thing as too many jackets, and today’s post supports that. Find a style that you love, like a denim jacket, a bomber jacket, or a nylon style, and buy them up!

Be sure to check out 7 Diamonds for a ton of really well made casual clothing. It’s stuff that works perfectly for the weekend and can also be worn in a more casual work environment.

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