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Let’s face it, people! $100 doesn’t get you what it used to. These days, high fashion is so on trend that $100 would barely pay for a sleeve of the jacket you’ve had your eye on.

I found myself being regularly told that people couldn’t afford to be fashionable because it’s too expensive to always be buying new clothes. Whereas I agree that dressing well can very easily get expensive (don’t bring your credit card to the mall!), it’s also not impossible to find great pieces that are multi-functional for affordable prices. Therefore I decided to head into Cotton On to see just what I could score for $100.

Since spring is approaching, the first place I looked was at the lightweight jackets. This green denim jacket immediately grabbed my eye because of it’s excellent design and unique color. It’s something I can wear with a super casual outfit like this as well as over a button up and tie with chinos to dress it up if necessary. Unfortunately there went half of my $100 allowance, but I felt like it was worth it because a lightweight jacket is something that is essential for spring and summer.

Next, I needed some pants, so I popped over to the denim and found this amazingly comfortable pair of drop crotch tapered jeans. They’re another piece that can be worn with lots of different looks and are great for spring and summer. Also, at $45, they didn’t leave me with much room to complete my look, but their versatility was worth it for me. These will be my go to jeans with a t-shirt all year.

With only $5 left to spend, I headed to the t-shirt section. I’ve already planned on embracing the oversized trend this spring and summer so I found this long curved hem t-shirt and grabbed in in an XL. You’d be surprised by how many brands cut their shirts really small, so if you’re wanting a slightly looser fit, you’ll have to size up twice from what you normally wear. I was $10 so I went over my budget my $5, but I liked the shirt enough to make an exception. It will work great as a comfortable piece all summer and a layering piece on cooler days in the spring.

Bam! My $100 was gone but I had a comfortable, awesomely stylish outfit that will work great with tons of other pieces in my closet. Don’t feel like because you’re not able to afford the nicest things at the mall that you can’t find great stuff for great prices. If you wanted to increase your quantity, you could ditch the jacket and grab a couple of sweaters or a flannel button up shirt instead. Otherwise you could skip the jeans and wear something you already have with your new jacket and t-shirt. Mixing and matching possibilities are endless!

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