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It’s Monday, which means that a lot of us are back to the workweek grind. The Oscars were crazy last night and I’m sure it’s the talk of around a lot of water coolers today.

I’m showing off a casual look today and want to discuss the idea of the monochromatic base layer. When you check out my outfit today, you’ll see that I’m rocking jeans and a denim shirt that are almost the exact same shade of blue. This was intentional. It’s exactly what I said before, a base layer. The reason I did it is because I wanted the jacket and shoes to stand out.

This is a move that can be made in all circles of fashion. You can wear a contrasting blazer to work with matching shirt and slacks, you can do it at the gym with a workout jacket or even in a casual way with a shirt that you’re wearing unbuttoned over a black t-shirt and jeans.

By unifying the color of your shirt and pants, it creates a blank canvas for building around. Even my socks are a shade of blue so that my shoes have an extra pop. It’s a great way to show off a new pair of shoes. The shoes can match the color of your base layer as well if you only want the jacket to stand out, but making a statement with the shoes is in my nature, haha.

Even if you’re not worried about pronouncing one area of your look, it’s a great move to make to stay stylish. I did it in my 3 Ways to Style an Overcoat video with an all black base layer and the camel brown overcoat.

Try it this week with one solid color underneath and a contrasting color over the top in a shirt or jacket. I bet you’ll enjoy it!

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