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So you’re FINALLY jumping on the skincare bandwagon, eh? Hopefully it’s something you already pay a bit of attention to, but if not, I’ve got your back…well, your face technically.

Clear skin isn’t something that you’re born with. Sure, certain people are stricken with tougher skin to deal with than others, but taking care of yourself and establishing it as part of your routine makes a major difference in long term skin health. Thankfully I was warned from a young age about the dangers of not taking care of my skin so I’ve been an avid moisturizer for years. I would tell friends about it and they’d scoff, calling me names like “metro” or something else intended on sounding feminine. Now it’s those same guys who are my age but look 10 years older.

Achieving and maintaining clear skin has been a process for me. I absolutely still struggle with breakouts but the one thing that I’ve noticed makes a huge difference in the quality of my skin is my shaving routine. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Tenzing Skincare to show you guys my routine and fill you in on how it makes such a big difference. Let’s begin with step one (what an original place to start!)

Warm Up

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In the same way that you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t…lazy) do a difficult workout without warming up your muscles, you shouldn’t shave without warming up your face. Use a small towel and hot water on your face for 30 seconds or so. This will open your pores to allow for a smoother, closer shave. It will also remove any excess dead skin or dirt you have on your face.

Pre-Shave Oil

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To be honest, I’d never used pre-shave oil before I got this one from Tenzing. By applying a thin layer to my face before any shaving cream, it causes the hair to stand up a bit and creates a smoother surface for my blade, thus allowing for a closer shave (which means cleaner skin).

Lather Up

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I’m sort of old school when it comes to shave products. A lot of other brands I’ve tried make gels, which are fine, but I sort of prefer a foamy lather that I can see after it’s been applied. Tenzing sells two different scents of shave cream, sage mint and sandalwood. They both lather up nicely. Don’t be shy on shave cream, dudes. You want a good layer so that it helps your hair not get pulled by the razor. This is another way of irritating your skin and causing it to break out.

Get Shaving

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I was never taught to shave. My Dad didn’t live with us so I never had that classic lesson. Therefore, I had to learn through tons of trial and error. What sucks about shaving is that if you do it wrong, it can actually cause your skin to break out. Trust me, I’ve jacked my face up in the past. I use small, intentional strokes and clean the blades very often. I’m not gonna tell you how to shave, though. Every dude has his own style. Do be careful of going against the grain on your neck. That’s a really sensitive area that will easily break out.

Cold Rinse

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An often overlooked, but extremely important aspect of the shaving process is to rinse your face clean with the coldest water possible. This will shock your pores and force them to close, therefore disallowing dirt and other grime to build up and lead to breakouts. Rinse 3-5 times on your face and neck and then dry yourself off.

The Finisher

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Facial moisturizer is an absolute essential, fellas. I said FACIAL moisturizer. Don’t be using your girlfriend’s body lotion on your face. It’s too thick and will cause your skin to break out. A moisturizer like Tenzings is going to be light and smooth. It’s perfect for after a shave to leave your skin feeling it’s best and looking like a baby’s ass. It’s also going to keep wrinkles away for longer, which I think we can all agree is a good thing. Even if your 18, you should be taking care of your skin now so that you can maintain your youth!

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As always, I don’t recommend products to you guys that I don’t honestly believe in. The people at Tenzing Skincare have obviously taken a lot of time in perfecting their craft. The products speak for themselves and are absolutely affordable in comparison to major labels and designers. I’d definitely recommend checking them out if you’re looking for a new product to keep you looking your best.

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