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I’m such a fan of the resurgence of classic cocktails over the last few years. Growing up, (ages 21-25, haha) we never really drank booze. It was either beer or cheap wine. Now, with shows like Mad Men showcasing the classic coolness of well made cocktails, the industry has exploded. I’ve been focusing on building out a solid home bar for quite awhile now and have recently jumped onto the vodka train. I wanted to try some different brands and once I found Purity Vodka, I was hooked. It’s so smooth.

Jaclyn and I do our best to have a weekly date night. Some weeks we’re too busy, but we’ve gotten pretty good about ensuring that it happens. I make drinks, she cooks food. It’s a nice little system. Last night, I decided I wanted to go old school and make martinis. It’s such a basic drink with only three ingredients, but there are still choices to be made and small touches you can put into it that will make it special.

Here’s what you need to do for a perfect date night cocktail…

Divvy It Up

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A true vodka martini is 3 ounces of vodka per person. I like to keep it extra classic and add a bit of dry vermouth as well. Pour all of the ingredients into a shaker and add ice.

Shake It Up

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Ok fine! I’ll admit it. The first time I had a martini I was trying to be like James Bond so I ordered it “shaken, not stirred”. The bartender gave me a look like they’d heard that awful joke a thousand times and I really didn’t even understand what I was asking for. Much later, I found out that a shaken martini will have small bits of ice shards floating on the surface where a stirred martini will not. I genuinely prefer the shards, so I still shake them to this day.



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Again, this is the drinker’s choice, but some prefer their martini over ice and some prefer it “up” in a martini style glass. I actually prefer mine up but we don’t have any martini glasses (yet!) so I settled for drinking it on the rocks.


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If you drink your martini “dirty” it means you’re adding a bit of olive juice. I like olives but not so much in my cocktail. I prefer a lemon or cucumber to keep things nice and refreshing.

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Boom! You’re ready for date night.

If you’re interested in trying a new spirit, check out Purity Vodka. They were Vodka of the Year in 2016 and you can taste why. Extremely smooth.


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