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Cheeeeers to the freakin weekend! Happy Friday everyone. I hope you’ve had a wonderful and productive week. Things have been good on my end. We’re continuing to work on our new home, which is looking great and will be really amazing here soon. We got a new TV! Now I just need a sound bar so we can start having epic movie nights.

Anyways, I wanted to throw out a quick weekend outfit idea for you so you can skip the hassle of worrying about what to wear to the bar or to that Saturday BBQ. It’s a monochromatic look that’s extremely comfortable and stylish. Here we go. You’ll need…

A Cozy Henley

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Henley shirts are about as good as it gets. They’re masculine, comfortable, and I love that this one has the elongated hem on the bottom of the shirt to add a bit of edge. If you’re a suit and tie guy during the week, embrace your comfort during the weekend. This doesn’t mean grab some ratty sweatpants, but feel free to avoid collars at all cost. Don’t be afraid to unbutton a couple of buttons either! Show off that chest hair, you man, you!

Gray Denim

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I hope that by now you know that jeans don’t always have to be blue. They make them in TONS of different colors. Match your jeans to your top and create a uniformity in your look that’s intentional but still casual and comfortable. Don’t feel like you need to wear what everyone else is wearing. You can wear something similar but still allow yourself to stand out with some off-colored denim.

Hybrid Dress Shoes

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My dude B-Sully got me onto these things. They’re part dress shoe and part casual shoe. The sole is something you’d find on a work boot or something that’s made to be extremely comfortable with the extra layers of alpaca like a stylish scarf to add to the outfit. I love this type of shoe for the weekend because it’s classy enough to be worn with a suit but casual enough to be worn with denim. With more and more places enforcing dress codes, these are your perfect cover-all.

Also, throw on a statement watch. It’s a nice way to dress up an otherwise extremely casual outfit so that you can show everyone that you were absolutely aware of how you dressed yourself. Letting people notice little touches in your look without having to say a word is a major win.

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Boom! You’re looking good and turning heads without being obnoxious, which is the ultimate goal in style.

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