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When MR. PORTER reached out to me and let me know that 12 designers were creating collections inspired by the California lifestyle, I was PUMPED. Not only because I’m such a die hard fan of Cali-inspired fashion, but because I was going to get the chance to style some of the collection. The Made in California Collection was exactly what I’d been waiting for, I just hadn’t realized it yet.

From the moment I first visited LA in 2008, I was hooked. Every street we turned down showcased a different type of person. Growing up in Ohio, I always felt just a bit different and was often criticized for showcasing that fact through my clothes. In LA, I saw guys wearing some of the craziest shit and fitting right in with everyone else. They were free to be themselves with no consequences and it was beautiful. It’s what drew me here and has played a major role in my continued love for this city.

Look 1: Simon Miller

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Designer fashion is always something that I’ve strived for but never been able to afford. Being provided the opportunity to work with brands like Simon Miller, John Elliott, and The Elder Statesmen was a dream come true. As soon as the stuff arrived, I could tell that the craftsmanship and design quality were as good as it gets. I was thrilled to put together these looks because they were exactly what I strive to be in my sense of style, casual but refined.

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Look 2: John Elliott

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Ever since John Elliott debuted, I’ve been a fan. HIs attention to detail is incredible and the fits of his basic pieces feel like they were meant just for me. This shawl collar sweater is so cozy and the details on the white denim are amazing. The frayed hem is awesome. The entire look was totally comfortable but still let me flex my style, which I love.

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Look 3: The Elder Statesmen

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For my last look, I had to go with this luxe cashmere sweater. It’s quite possibly the softest piece I’ve ever worn. The horizontal stripe design is awesome for summer too, as I discussed in my summer trend article.

It was really fun hopping around to different iconic parts of Hollywood to showcase the collection. It’s easy to forget how much history is all around me and taking the time to embrace it for a bit was really great.

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If you come to LA, you’ve got to try California Donuts. This is the Hollywood location, but there’s also one in K-Town that’s open 24/7. Some of the best donuts you’ll ever eat!

Go check out the MR PORTER Made in California collection and score yourself some pretty incredible pieces before they’re gone for good!

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