Regardless of the current weather report in your neck of the woods, summer is coming! It’s like Jaws, except way less scary…and with less teeth. Come to think of it, it’s not that much like Jaws. Regardless of shitty analogies, a major trend this summer are nautical stripes. They’ve been around for the last couple of summers, too, but with all of the boldness happening right now, expect them to stick around in a strong way.

Stripes are a really fun way to throw some interesting notes into an otherwise simple look. Whether you prefer vertical or horizontal stripes, start wearing them.

If you’re not already familiar, horizontal stripes like the ones I’m wearing today are going to make you appear to be just a bit wider than you might actually be. For someone who’s (borderline too) skinny like me, this isn’t a problem. It can actually play to your advantage if you’re a guy who struggles to keep weight on. However, if you’re still carrying a bit of that holiday weight, go with a vertical stripe as it will elongate your torso and actually make you look a bit more thin. This isn’t an excuse to skip the gym, but it helps to know.

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Do not be alarmed! My feet haven’t seen the sun in almost a year! Another summer must have (I’m building my complete list, it’s coming soon!) are espadrilles or TOMS. They’re super lightweight and comfortable, they go with everything, and it’s not the end of the world if one gets ruined or lost. All of these benefits add up to a killer summer shoe!


It’s about time to break out the white denim again too, dudes! It’s a perfect way to continue building upon my nautical theme for this look and acts as an excellent base for a striped shirt. If white jeans are a bit too…metro, do people still use that term?…then some basic slim denim, chinos or nicely fitted shorts work great too. Don’t forget that your shirt is patterned, so you’ll probably want to stick with a solid colored base layer.


I matched some black sunglasses up top with my black TOMS down on the bottom. It’s a great way to bookend the look and escape a bit of the boat captain vibes.


Stripes are an awesome way to make yourself stand out without peacocking too hard this summer. Hit the mall and try on some horizontal stripes. They’re not for everyone, but if worn correctly can make a really nice statement. Regardless, find a couple of shirts with stripes and rock them till the sun goes down! And even after that if you want…it’s your life.

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