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It’s freakin’ Friday!!! Hope everyone has had an excellent and productive week. I know I have. We’re finally settling into our new condo and it’s been so much fun putting everything together with Jac. Moving is a lot of work, but it’s so worth it once things start to come together.

Anyways, I want to give you guys a quick idea of what to wear this weekend so you can avoid standing in front of your closet in your underwear with no clue what to wear. This outfit is pretty casual, but it’s going to work great as an all day Saturday or Sunday look. It’s totally acceptable for running errands but also works at the bar or out to a casual dinner. Ready? Let’s do this thing!

The Base Layer

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Start off with a super casual tee. I love the scoop neck on this one because it’s loose and comfortable. It’s also not too form fitting, so I don’t have to worry about heading out after that big dinner on Saturday night. The great part about it is that you can wear a raggedy vintage tee shirt but make it look somewhat nice by surrounding it with well-designed, dressier pieces.

Bombs Away

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Go with a lightweight bomber jacket. This one is cotton and incredibly comfortable. Bombers are totally in style because of their versatility and comfort. I’ve grown to like black a lot so this one is perfect for me, but if you prefer to wear lighter colors, that’s fine. If you’re wearing it out at night, darker is always better but wear what makes you most comfortable.

Dark Denim

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On the bottom, throw on some black jeans. If you don’t own a pair, get some. They’re such a nice alternative to blue jeans because they darken up your look and create a slightly dressier aesthetic. These are really skinny, which I like but you can also get a straight leg pair and look really nice.

Beat Up Shoes

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For your footwear, grab some worn out boots or dress shoes like these. They add so much character to an otherwise basic outfit. Don’t be afraid of styling your most busted up boots with some denim on the weekend, dudes. The only reason you should ever clean them is if they’re covered in mud. No polish on shoes that you aren’t wearing to the office or to a wedding!

Stay Shaded

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If you’re wearing the look to an afternoon drink with the guys, add in some black sunglasses. The most classic of shapes are always best, especially with a classically simple look like this. If you’re into it, feel free to try a crazy pair, just stay away from bright colors. Also, brown can work but it’s nice to make things uniform.

Time for a Statement

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As a finishing touch, wear a bold statement watch. I love rose gold because it’s just a slight bit different than most gold you see, but let your timepiece do some talking with this look. It’s fun to differentiate yourself with it and it can oftentimes be a conversation starter with that cute girl or guy at the bar!

That’s the whole look! It’s easy but will keep you comfortable and looking your best anytime this weekend.

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