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Recently I’ve started focusing a LOT more heavily on my skincare routine. Maybe it’s those first signs of aging creeping in and scaring the living hell out of me, haha, who knows?!

If you’re not also focusing on your skin by now, you’re doing it all wrong!! Moisturizing is absolutely essential, fellas. You should be doing it after the shower, and possibly even before bed as well.

However, not until recently did I find out that it’s not only important THAT you moisturize but also HOW you moisturize since the difficulty with peeling skin can be hard you need to keep it that skin hydrated.

I know what you’re thinking, “he can’t seriously expect dudes to use a brush, right?” Well to be completely honest I was skeptical at first too. However once I tried the brush my mind was BLOWN! I couldn’t believe how nice it felt against my skin and how evenly it spread out the product.

This baby doesn’t just have to be used for moisturizer either. I’ve been using it to apply my shaving cream and it’s changed my shave routine forever. It’s a lot like using a classic shave brush, except the (over 200,000) fibres on the Palm Brush spread the shaving cream and cause your hair to stand up better than any other brush I’ve ever used.

I never realized this but using your fingers to spread out a product is surprisingly uneven. You often miss spots and you’re also absorbing the product into the skin of your fingers, which uses more product!

Last thing! With a brush like this, you always want to apply your product directly to your skin and not to the brush, this will allow everything to be spread more easily and not cause you to use too much.

Let’s recap the overall benefits:

  • Better, more even coverage of your face and skin with your product
  • Leads to smoother, more comfortable shaves when used with shaving cream
  • Uses less product, therefore saving money in the long run
  • Feels freakin’ AMAZING on your skin!!

I hope you guys realize that one of the most consistent points I’m trying to drive into your brain is that you’ve GOT to step out of your comfort zones in order to reach maximum potential. I know a beauty brush is a crazy thing to add to this year’s holiday gift list, but I’m promising you that you’ll be glad you did.

Be sure to check out Artis Brush for more incredible products as well. The skin-conscious people in your life would be really excited to receive anything from their line, I promise you that. We got Jaclyn a set of makeup brushes in addition to the palm and she can’t stop raving about them!

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