Springtime is officially here! I absolutely love this time of year because it’s warm but not hot. I figured it was the perfect time to discuss a fun way to rock a suit this spring.

Whether it’s for a date, a casual-appropriate special occasion or an afternoon party someplace, spring suiting is a lot of fun. You can start to play with your colors and materials. Today I’m showcasing this cotton khaki suit from Express. Khaki is a really fun color for spring because it pairs well with all sorts of other colors. You can do something light and simple underneath like I have or you can go darker and contrast the color of the suit. I highly recommend investing in a cotton suit. It’s more comfortable during the spring and summer than wool, plus it allows for all sorts of different styling options.


When the weather is warming up, don’t be afraid to unbutton an extra button. It’s a fun way to keep yourself cooler and to add a bit of extra flair to your look. This simple short sleeved shirt that I’m wearing works really well and even makes a fun statement on it’s own.


One thing that I’m always reminding people is that a suit is made up of two parts. This means that they don’t always have to be worn together. It’s totally acceptable to ditch the jacket during the day and just rock a great fitting pair of trousers. If you look closely, this shirt has little hula girls on it and I love it. It’s not necessarily office appropriate, but it’s a great way to have some fun. It’s also from Express.


Another reason I love a suit during spring is because it’s totally appropriate to rock it with sneakers. I always take every opportunity to contrast more formal wear with more casual shoes, so this worked out really nicely. The blue is a fun pop of color in an otherwise muted look. Don’t shy away from bright, bold sneakers, dudes. Just be sure to pair them with simple looks that aren’t too bold otherwise. This lets the shoes do most of the talking.


Other fun ways to stand out are to add a bracelet or ring. I’m trying to be better about not necessarily always wearing a watch, so this look worked nicely with some different wrist wear. Don’t shy away from rings, either. They don’t have to be chunky and bold. It can be something simple and understated. Let it add just a bit of interesting detail.


That’s the whole look! I hope you guys enjoyed. I highly recommend checking out Express for some excellent off-the-rack suit options. They’re really well made and fit awesomely. This one is part of the Innovator series, which is a bit slimmer cut for skinny fellers like myself.

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