A few weeks ago, Jaclyn and I had the privilege of heading to Napa, CA for a weekend getaway with Chevrolet.  After arriving in San Francisco, we were treated with our own Bolt EV, the new electric plug in from Chevy. Neither of us had been to Napa before, so we were thrilled to have the opportunity. Between some incredible meals, great people, and of course the insanely good wine, the trip was a huge success. Scroll through to see more details from our trip!


Sadly, we weren’t in town during harvest, so the vines were a bit bare but it still created a pretty incredible backdrop for some photos. It’s crazy to think that so many of the great wines I’ve tasted come from these very fields!


The car was insanely cool. I’m an EV (electric vehicle) nerd, so getting the chance to try it out was really great. The pickup is crazy powerful, the interior was very spacious, and our two hour ride from SF to Napa flew by since we were able to listen to 90’s hits all the way there with the Apple CarPlay.


We stayed at the Calistoga Ranch, which is just outside of Napa. It’s a 5-Star resort and was, no joke, the nicest place either of us have ever stayed. We had an entire cabin to ourselves with a personal hot tub, an outdoor shower and 24 hour room service. It’s so nice to get out of LA sometimes and be at one with nature without having to sleep in a tent, haha.


One of the other highlights of the trip was a bottle mixing class. We were able to taste test different types of wine and then combine them together to create a distinctly flavored wine that was totally ours. They even bottled it up for us to take home. So cool.


Here we are, fully in our typical element.


Although the vines were pretty bare, the trees around Napa were in full bloom. We couldn’t help but stop and grab some pictures in front of these gorgeous pink ones.


On our way back to SF, I required that we get a bit touristy and pull over for a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s one of my favorite landmarks because it’s absolutely astounding how they ever got that thing built. It’s MASSIVE.


Overall, it was an amazing trip that we couldn’t have enjoyed more. Thanks so much to Chevy for hosting us and spoiling Napa for us forever. There’s no way we’ll ever be able to go back without the 5-Star treatment! Also, I’m not just saying this, if you’re in the market for a new car and are interested in EV, the Bolt would be an amazing choice. It drives so smoothly and looks damn cool in the process.

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