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As my hair has continued to grow during the quarantine, I’ve experienced a plethora of emotions about it. Some days I love the extra length. Some days I feel like all I want to do is buzz it all off. Thankfully, it’s given me an opportunity to play around with some different hair products and different styles.

Today I’m gonna show you three different ones that I’ve been rotating with the help of Head & Shoulders new men’s styling product . (PS, each of their hair products is also great for your scalp because of they includes zinc pyrithione, which helps with dryness, irritation, and dandruff on your scalp.


Probably my favorite, and most go-to style would be a clean volume styling. For this, I used the Shaping Pomade from Head & Shoulders because it has medium hold to keep my style in place, but not weigh it down. I also like the matte finish so I don’t look too shiny or greasy afterwards.

Start by rubbing a dime sized amount of Shaping Pomade into your damp hair, then comb it through. From there, blow dry from the root on medium heat while extending your hair. I like to use a round brush because it grips my hair a lot more tightly than other brushes.

Dry it to about 90% and then put everything into place with your hands. The product will give you a lot of volume, make it really big and then push it down a bit with your hands. This way you’ll maintain the volume and things will stay in place.

The finished product is a volumized style that sits in place but also still looks nicely put together. Anytime I want to be on the dressier side of casual, which is most everyday for me, this is the style that I go for.


If you’re into a bit more of a slicked back look, go with a higher hold product like this Molding Clay from Head & Shoulders. It’s still really pliable, so it’s easy to work into your hair but then holds a lot harder than other stuff to keep your hair in place.

Same as before, work a dime sized amount into your damp hair and then comb it through to where you want the style to end up. From there, I like to very lightly blow dry the front area of my scalp with little to no heat. This gives me just a bit of volume in the front but otherwise keeps everything else in place.

If you’ve got a big meeting or life event that calls for something more clean cut and slick, this is a perfect way to achieve that look. Also, if you’re in the middle of growing your hair out like I am, it’s an easy way to keep your hair under control between appointments.


Finally, sometimes it’s nice to just go with that windblown, beach inspired messy hair. This is one of my favorite styles during summertime because I can let my hair just sort of do it’s own thing. Because I don’t want a ton of hold, I’m using the styling cream. This will keep some volume in my hair and eliminate a ton of fly-aways, but also won’t look too stiff and rigid.

Just as before, dime sized amount worked into damp hair. Except this time instead of brushing it through your hair and using a round brush to style it, you’re just going to blow dry it on medium heat while using your other hand to lift your hair and help it dry. I like to just be sure I’m drying it up away from my face but then leaving the actual styling until it’s dry.

Once it’s fully dry, use your hands and place everything into where you want it. I like to change up my normal part-line and make it a bit more centralized when I’m doing a messier style, but you can do what works best for your hair. Essentially, it’s exactly the same as the volume look except we didn’t use a comb or brush so it’s able to stay a bit messier.

Overall, these products from Head & Shoulders are extremely useful and I haven’t felt any irritation on my scalp from the heat or the products. I’m very impressed with the different types of styles I’m able to achieve with them and glad that I don’t have to wear my hair the exact same way every day. Check out the Head & Shoulders styling collection here.

Hope this helps you out!

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