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Hooray!! Congratualtions!!! You’re one of the lucky people who have the opportunity to visit the beach this time of year. It’s honestly the best guys. There’s way less traffic, parking is easier, there’s TONS more space on the beach, and it’s warm enough for a t-shirt in the daytime but you don’t have to worry as much about getting a sunburn. Call me crazy, but that sounds like a pretty nice time.

Although a t-shirt is doable, I’m often the guy who ends up wearing boots to the beach in the late fall and winter. Something about boots makes my feet feel protected and clean. Also, considering I’m such a sneaker freak, you know I’m not trying to get my shoes dirty in the wet sand.

Boots are tough, they’re supposed to get dirty. These saweeeet black leather chelsea boots are from Shoeology NYC,  a new brand that’s offering high quality European footwear for less than $100. They’ve integrated the vertical system where they’re involved in the entire chain of design, manufacturing and sales so they’re able to charge MUCH less than department store brands. The brand is JUST about to launch, so be sure to jump on their site and subscribe to the newsletter so you know when their stuff becomes available.

As far as the rest of the look, some dark denim for warmth and comfort, a sweet panther t-shirt and a shirt belt seemed like a perfect combination. The shirt belt looks cool on its own, but is obviously always available to wear if I get chilly or end up at a bar that has a dress code (can’t believe they exist near the beach, but they do).

What do you think of this casual look??

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Shop the look: Shoeology Boots (coming soon)

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