In the midst of the craziness that’s happening in our country right now, I want to take a minute to try and be productive in teaching a new lesson. In my opinion, the only way we’re all going to get through all of this without killing each other is to be open to learning and teaching. If someone thinks differently than you do, ask them why and do your best to have a legitimate conversation about why they feel that way. Oftentimes we’re all just constantly misunderstanding one another and what’s at the root of our feelings. That’s all I’ll say, but let’s also talk about one of my favorite areas in fashion, boots!

BrideandBoro2 Boots are one of the most classic pieces in the world of menswear. They’re extremely versatile. You can wear them with just about any kind of outfit.

Good boots can be pricey, so knowing the different types will help you understand how to best find the pair that works best for you.

When you’re shopping for a great new pair of boots, be honest with yourself about why you want them.

Are they something you’re just going to be wearing out to the bars to make you look good? In that case, I would go with something slimmer in design and not overly done. Just like how there are special boots for hiking in wet conditions just like that there is a perfect and elegant boot which you could wear to a bar or work and look the best. For example the boots to the left are from Steve Madden and are a great piece for their style, but I probably wouldn’t wear them to do yard work, you know?

Are they something you’ll be hiking in but also potentially wearing out on the town?DyerJenkins3 In that case I’d go with something like these on the right from Bed Stü. They’re handmade and extremely comfortable. They look great but are also going to have no trouble keeping you safe on a worksite or on a hiking trail. If you’re wanting something that’s multi-versatile, understand that you’ll be wearing them more often so you should be willing to pay a bit more for them.

CrosbySquareAre you looking for something unique and fashionable? Boots can be just as fancy as a nice pair of dress shoes. These on the left are from Crosby Square and work wonderfully with a suit or nice jeans. These are a step up from the Steve Maddens, but I still wouldn’t recommend wearing them for hard labor.

Ultimately the boots you choose should be an expression of your personality.tbahama7 If you like to wear a lot of black, get yourself some nice black boots like these on the right from Thursday Boots. If you wear a lot of denim and flannel, the Timberland’s I’m wearing at the top of the page work well.

Great boots will last you a long time, so buy something that you understand will be timeless within your own style. Getting something flashy and completely unique is fun, but be sure you already have a pair of classic staples at home. Otherwise you’re going to regret all of the money you spent in a year when the trendy pair are out of style.

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