*meals provided by Catered Fit, but as always, being fully honest about my experience

I’m lazy AF in the kitchen. Let’s not sugar coat it. If it weren’t for my wife I would likely eat the same basic things every day. However, to give her a break and allow me to try some new things, I wanted to try Catered Fit, a meal service that ships all kinds of delicious pre-prepped meals to your door. All you have to do is heat them up and scarf them down.

Let’s talk a little more in-depth about my experience…

They offer three different options for different diets, so I tried all three. There’s classic, which includes meats, fish, and all kinds of other foods. There’s vegetarian, which is self-explanatory, and there’s Paleo, which is low carb and contains a lot of other unique dishes.

The Process

The way it works is you log onto the Catered Fit site, you choose your meals based on your dietary preferences, and schedule when you want them delivered. Once you’ve established your preferences you can set it to auto-renew so you don’t even have to worry about it anymore, which I appreciate. It’s nice to know great food is just going to show up at your door and you can spend your time on other things. They also offer different portion sizes, so if you’re someone who doesn’t have a big appetite or you’re like me and you have a big one, you can set up your profile to reflect that. I never finished a meal hungry, it was great.

The Food

Overall, I genuinely enjoyed the food. The ingredients are all locally source, so it tasted fresh and retained a lot of the flavor. I’d never tried a meal service before so I was a bit nervous that everything was going to end up tasting like a microwavable dinner, which it did NOT. I had everything from corn flake crusted french toast (pictured right) to asian tofu with broccoli. The variance in the recipes was exciting because you didn’t know what was coming next. My favorite meal plan was probably the classic because it allowed me to try a ton of different stuff, but I also really enjoyed dishes from the vegetarian menu as well as the paleo.

My only point of contention was the microwaving of everything. I’m personally not a big fan of a microwave because of how it affects the food consistency. Everything tends to soften up and lose a lot of it’s original characteristics, in my opinion. On each package of food (which is totally recyclable, which is nice), it offers microwave instructions for how to heat your dish. Rather than follow those I started to put the food into a large pan and add a tablespoon or two of water, then heat it up on the stove rather than in the microwave. It make take a couple of extra minutes but the quality of the food was much better when prepared this way.

Of course it’s understandable that you’d likely be taking your breakfast and/or lunch to the office and would only have access to a microwave, but if you’re cooking it at home I would highly suggest trying to prep it this way.

Overall Experience

If you’re someone who’s extremely busy, who’s interested in trying new foods, or just wants to expand your at-home recipes, Catered Fit would work really well for you. Eating between 3-5 meals per day is proven to keep you in better shape mentally and physically so having a service remove the hassle of preparing all of that food is extremely helpful. It ends up costing less than $10 per meal, which is definitely cheaper than going out to eat 2-3 times per day. I’m not always great about eating all of the food that we buy at the grocery story either so this would probably be cheaper for that too!

If you try Catered Fit, definitely let me know about your experience. I’ll be recommending it to all of my friends in California and Florida (the only two areas they deliver at the moment). Don’t let a busy lifestyle ruin your health because you don’t have the necessary foods to keep you fueled.

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