As the saying goes, classic is classic for a reason. I stand by this wholeheartedly. Having been involved in the fashion industry for years, I’ve seen brands come and go. It’s not easy to establish a footing in the industry let alone become a mainstay brand. This is why I was so excited when Canali contacted me about choosing some of my favorite pieces from their website to share with you guys and discuss why classic is always the smartest choice when shopping.

If you follow my Instagram, you’ve seen me wear a LOT of different styles. I like to mix it up. However, when someone asks me a fashion question, I always find myself gravitating towards classic recommendations. There’s just something about a well-fitting suit that looks much better than the trendiest current piece. So let’s start there…the suit.

Spring and summer are the perfect time of year to break out an off-colored suit like this one. The lighter color will keep you cooler, the casual nature of the linen allows you to be more relaxed, and it’s totally wearable in a formal way as pictured or a casual way with a t-shirt and sneakers. The only thing that REALLY matters is the fit. Ensuring that a suit fits how it should will make it look great no matter how you style it. Strongly consider adding a lighter weight, lighter colored suit like this one to your wardrobe this year.

The next classic piece that excites me this year is the knit polo.

A throwback to the 1950’s, a nice knit polo is that perfect blend of weekend casual and upscale comfort. I love how it’s been styled with sneakers and this moc coat above, but if you need to be a bit more formal you could easily wear one with a comfortable suit and some loafers for a dressy night out look in spring and summer. Canali has some that are patterned and some that have very interesting textures. They’ll hug your form a bit more than a traditional cotton or pique polo would, so be prepared to look good.

Finally, my last editor’s pick for spring and summer this year…sunglasses!

Inarguably the most important accessory, a great pair of sunglasses aren’t just about adding a BIG dose of cool to your looks, they’re also responsible for saving your eyesight. Having a sick pair of aviator inspired tortoise-shell frames only makes that protection look even better. The sun is harsh in the midday sun, don’t forget to keep yourself as protected as possible. A style like these pictured or a round shade are both great options for dressier looks, whereas a metal frame or wayfarer style will work both dressy and casual.

When you’re out there shopping for yourself and putting together vacation looks, summer wedding looks, or just building to your everyday wardrobe, keeping it classic is always the smartest move. A brand like Canali will have you looking great and the quality of the garments is so good that you’ll be able to keep them forever. Think about it as quality over quantity, it’s a smarter move than buying something cheap just to buy it.

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