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Now obviously, this is one of the more unique holiday seasons in any of our lives. Having to stay home to do my shopping, I’m excited to be sure that I’m getting the best possible price on everything I’m buying thanks to the Capital One Shopping Tool. It’s a browser add-on that’s compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari, that quickly compares prices from all over the internet to make sure that you’re getting the best possible price.

All you have to do is quickly and easily install the add-on and start shopping from TENS of THOUSANDS of sites. When you find something you like, the little pop-up window will let you know whether there are codes that you can try applying to see if a lower price is available. Everything from tech, fashion, appliances, and lots more are included. I had such a fun time shopping around (duh, it’s what I do anyway) and finding so many good things for great prices.

Personally, I did a bit of shopping for myself, because everyone deserves to treat themselves during the holidays, for my wife, because a happy wife makes a happy life, and for my mom, because she deserves to feel special for all of the years she made the holidays so special for me. I’m in the market for some new video lighting so I hopped on Amazon to take a look and found some INCREDIBLE deals for equipment from which I’m going to get so much good use. For Jaclyn, my wife, I’ve been wanting to get her some new sneakers so I jumped on Nike’s website and made sure that I was getting the absolute best price for the shoes I want to get her.

For my Mom, I went to check out some new TV’s from Samsung. I really want to get her the Frame because I know how much she would love it and it would look beautiful in her home. Not only did I find that it was discounted from the regular price, but I knew that I was going to be paying the lowest price available thanks to the Capital One Shopping Tool.

When it comes to shopping online, I can get a little overwhelmed. There are SO many different retailers out there so buying things and not being totally sure that I’m paying the lowest possible price is tough sometimes. I’ve had it happen where I bought something and then a day or two later found it for less expensive and it really upset me because I didn’t have something available like this to help me find all the savings that were available.

In the past, I’ve used Honey, but it’s actually not as efficient as the Capital One Shopping Tool because Honey only compares prices from Amazon retailers. However, the Capital One Shopping Tool compares prices from tens of thousands of other retailers in addition to Amazon, because I know there are a LOT of sellers on Amazon and some really great prices, but sometimes there are better deals available from other sites and other sellers. Knowing you’re getting the best available price for your holiday gifts is such a sigh of relief. This tool found millions of shoppers over $160 million dollars in savings last year!

Aside from how easy the shopping tool is to use and how reliable all the deals are, being able to get all of my holiday shopping done from the comfort of my couch is another huge benefit. I’m always the person who’s excited to go out and shop amongst everyone else, but then oftentimes get frustrated and overwhelmed by it all. I’m extremely happy to have found the Capital One Shopping Tool.

Click here to check out the Capital One Shopping Tool for yourself and start raking in the awesome savings! 

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