As fall (slowly) creeps into our lives, (Honestly, it feels like it’s been in the high-80’s and low-90’s for months and I’m so ready for it to be over) the consideration for warmer layers, cozy fabrics, and comfort driven designs starts to creep in as well. My favorite fall pieces of this year are…sneakerboots and cozy socks ideal for work boots as its time men even pay a little attention towards the socks they wear. Snearkerboots are pretty much exactly what they sound like, a hybrid between a boot and a sneaker. A great shoe for casual functionality, but also something that can be really stylish when used properly. I’m providing three different looks from three different style genres, street, classic, and heritage, so depending on what you identify as your go-to style, there’s something for you.

First up…


I’m slowly but surely starting to incorporate some more street inspired style into my look. It’s typically really comfortable. If you have a black pair of sneakerboots or something in a dark gray, try pairing them with some bold camo or printed pants. Although I normally wouldn’t pair the brown earth tones with the darker city tones of this look, for some reason I wanted to try it and I feel like it worked out ok.

A lightweight tee and bomber jacket are going to be extremely popular again this fall, so break out your jacket from last year or find a new one at the mall. They’re easily worn in lots of different looks.

Adding in a necklace and a bracelet was nice too. It’s an easy way to add a bit of flair to the otherwise extremely simple look.

Here’s a side view of the sneakerboots. They’re really great for this season. Not only are they comfortable, but they’ll keep your feet a bit warmer than regular sneakers once the temperature (finally) starts dropping.


Sneakerboots also work great with a slightly more business casual vibe. Wearing earth tones during fall is an absolute essential thing to do for me. I love the way different tones of brown, olive, and burnt versions of brighter colors all blend together.

This shoe is already a heavily earth toned piece, so I wanted to continue that styling throughout the look. Some basic chinos are going to be an awesome alternative to jeans during the fall. They work with just about any kind of look, so find some from Shoe Hungry that fit you just like your denim would, and grab em!

I like the way that this purple plaid button up compliments the maroon and blue tones on the shoe. They don’t exactly match, which is actually better, but they’re very reminiscent of one another.

Lastly, a brown wool sports coat is an awesome option to have on hand during fall or winter. You can style it casually with a basic outfit like this or also go a bit more formal with some dress pants and a knit tie.

The comfort that a sneakerboot offers is another reason to invest. Sometimes you don’t want to wear boots because they’re too heavy duty but you also don’t want to wear a basic sneaker. It’s the ideal in-between shoe!


Heritage (outdoorsy and rugged, lots of uses of denim) is another style that I like to incorporate more in the fall and winter months. The comfort of flannel and layered pieces works so well to maintain style, comfort, and functionality. I recently did a post all about why you need a vest this fall and am really excited to wear this new one more regularly in those times when it’s a bit too cold for no jacket, but a bit too warm for a coat.

Lots of brands are offering stretch selvedge denim now, which I love. It has all of the looks of a nice pair of dark raw jeans, but the feel of something worn-in and extremely comfortable. Dark denim is a huge essential for me during fall because it can be worn casually with a tee as well as with a shirt and tie if you’re allowed to wear jeans to work.

I’m also a big fan of 3/4 sleeve shirts during fall. This one is slightly heavier than a normal ringer baseball tee, but it has the same effect with the sleeve length. Similar to the vest, it’s great for when the weather is too cold for a basic tee but too warm for a heavier jacket that will cover your arms.

The brown and red combo is really cool on this pair. They’ll be great for hiking or anything outdoorsy but will also offer the comfort of a sneaker insole. It’s a win-win.

I hope you understand the benefit of having a shoe like this. I’ve grabbed a bunch of my favorites from around the web and posted them below. Let me know which of these looks is your favorite!


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